Friday, May 25, 2012

My Random Friday Thoughts

Be passionate about something, anything....just be passionate it beats being bored. 

If you think you talked too much, you probably did. 

Listening is skill, keep working at it. 

Have financial goals or your money will get pissed away.

Make it a point to see old friends.

Stop what your doing,even when your family interrupts you, and look them in the eye when they are telling you something.  THey deserve
 your attention more than the computer/TV/Email.  

Praying for others IS doing something for them. 

Find what grows for you and make it flourish. 

Walk away if you feel like you are being abused.  

Protect you.  

Be nice to you. 

If you feel scattered, you most likely are.  

Focus is a choice.  

Change your font from time to time. 

Knit anywhere, knit everywhere.

Mental health is worth working for.  There are storms we cannot weather.

Call good things to you.  

IF you give a negative enough power it will come to you. 

Be thankful. 

Bring a gift.  

If you don't' know what to do for someone, bring a casserole. 

Making your bed everyday is overrated. 

Your kids grow up but your family life doesn't end there.  

Your kids get to choose if they wish to share their life with you.

Have something to look forward to. 

Enjoy brining in the mail, someday we may not 

Get a great haircut. 

Memorize something .  Your teachers had a point. 


SissySees said...

Prayer feels so passive sometimes. I generally need that reminder!!

Kym said...

Lovely thoughts. I think I'm going to go and change my font now.

sapphireblue said...

I agree with paying attention to your family. So many people are distracted.

Kathy said...

I whole heartedly agree with everyone of your random thoughts!! Thanks for sharing.

Beverly said...

Thank you for your blog. I really enjoy reading it. Your post today was a really great reminder for me in several areas. Keep up the good work!

Katherine said...

I often talk too much and often counsel myself not to! It's not working

I work on the financial goals thing everyday with clients, and often talk too much in the process.

I'm not sure I could pull off the bed making thing. My mild case of OCD requires me to make the bed as soon as we are out of it. DH says if he gets up to go to the bathroom during the night I will have the bed made when he gets back. Not true!!

Donna Boucher said...

What a fantastic list!!

Allison said...

If you don't' know what to do for someone, bring a casserole.
I have used this many times Mom! Thanks!

However, I do make my bed every day :) It makes me feel more organized and happy so I personally like to do it.

And I love sharing my life with you... even if it is from far away

Here's one of my favorites for the week (from This is How):
"It may be harder. But harder is just harder, that's all"

Robin said...

Great advice!

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