Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Who Inspires YOU day? Hero//Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (3KCBWDAY3

Karen inspires me. No, silly readers not the Bloody Mary, but Karen who is behind the Bloody and the knitting, inspires me. Over and over again.
Karen is a natural knitter, I think. She laughs in the face of poorly written patterns. She teaches, she coaches, she knits. She is always picking up our dropped stitches when we get together to knit. Someone is always having her put down her own knitting to rescue ours. And she does. Over and Over and Over again.
Karen has a dozen projects going at once, always. If you don't think you can knit that, well she, like Mary Poppins, just pulls something else out of her bottomless Knit bags. She makes you believe you can knit too.
Karen's knit brain is never not knitting. Even when she is texting! She has a wonderful family, friends and a thousand other things pulling at her, but her needles keep going. Karen, You Inspire me. Thanks.


Melissa said...

What an impressive lady! Any advise on grafting - yuk!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Your advice will probably be taken because I just don't think the baby socks are going to happen... unless a family member gives birth ;)

Anonymous said...

I want a Karen of my very own! She sounds like a very special knitter.

SissySees said...

Karen sounds awesome. I'm glad you have her. I'd be jealous, but I have access to a rather Karen-like person too... I just need time to pop up for a visit.

Nancy said...

High five to Karen! I love experienced knitters who help others deal with knitting struggles. My knitting group has two or three of Karen's apprentices. They have saved me multiple times.

gMarie said...

Yea for Karens everywhere! Who inspires me? A sewing blogger - Carolyn of Diary of Sewing Fanatic. And Debbie - with her recent weight loss and life style changes. g

Anonymous said...

I want Karen!!!

I love this blog "thing" you are doing this week. I am so tech. challenged I could not figure out how to hook it up to my blog and I just got frustrated..... Told myself I would rather be knitting!!! lol

I am enjoying reading yours!!!!

Grace said...

I think I would like to meet Karen (and you too of course) she and i could knit in tandem and get you to knit lace with us!

JelliDonut said...

We all need a Karen in our lives. Lucky you!

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