Friday, April 20, 2012

Pre-Saturday Post

These are my new little jelly shoes. It seems Jelly Shoes came to be during WW II when shoe leather was scarce. My Al loved her jelly shoes as a little girl. Chan??? Did you take notes? You'll never guess where I bought them..... Go ahead, guess.
I've abandoned all my shawl plans for Sirenetta , skacel. What was I thinking? I was thinking soft and comfortable, but I forgot how cotton yarns hurt my hands. I quickly decided all the increases required for the shawl were going to do me in. It is now morphing into a simple cotton/acrylic baby blanket. I hope it is something some little one can carry around until it shreds into little strings. (Zach's blanket was reeduced to strings by year 4) Much like the children's book OWENS BLANKET. I had the best massage of my life yesterday. If you want a great referall let me know. The only problem was I realized every single muscle in my body was tense as the massage progressed. I'm sure there was not one muscle group that didn't need some work. Earth Day is Sunday. I"d like to thank gravity for keeping us steady on this marvel of a planet. I plan to recycle all the plastic baby bottles I use on Sunday. This is no easy task where I work. You'd think it could be, it would be, but it isn't. Anyhow, I;ll count them and let you know the tally. Any Earth Day plans for you?


Anonymous said...

Love your new header photo!

I think my Earth Day thing will be to take my own drink bottle with me instead of getting a water cup at the restaurant (styrofoam).

Hippy Chick said...

I don't know about Earth Day, maybe some recycling crafts with the kids...we're in the middle of water bottle birdhouses right now. Sounds weird, but it can be done.

I'm guessing you bought those shoes at a thrift store or swap meet. They're lovely!

A massage, I'm jealous!

Katherine said...

I love jellies and I haven't worn them in years. Your turquoise jelly shoes are especially cute!

Sorry the shawl didn't work for you but I like the shawl/blanket whatever it is. It looks soft and the color is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Jellies!!!! My daughters loved their jellies! I think my feet would sweat too much in them. I love my croc sandals and in the winter I love my fur lined crocs.

I love your new creation - the color is so soft. My 24 year old daughter still has the shreds of what is left of her blankie.

The earth and I share 4/22! I will be 57 Sunday and intend to do as little as possible around the house and knit!

Mereknits said...

You blog is looking lovely with the new header. Jellies are so much fun to wear I think I may have to look for a pair.
Hope your work went well last night and that all was calm.

sapphireblue said...

I remember the jelly shoes during the 80s

Nancy said...

I'm guessing you found the jellies at Walgreens. I think I saw some there a week ago.

Love the new header photo of the gorgeous lamp shade.

kathy b said...

The shoes are from AVON!

THe header is my umbrella!!!

SissySees said...

Oh look!! If one is out of town long enough, she doesn't have to guess.

Avon, I might have to call you.

Calophi said...

Can you crochet? Maybe it would be easier to crochet with cotton instead of knitting with it. I know it's easier for me.

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