Thursday, April 19, 2012

Joany's Birthday Fun

First off Kathy C. shows us her FO. It is so darn soft. It is all knit in one piece with just one seam to finish. I love the collared look. Kathy is also making darling coasters for a girls weekend. They are little flip flops for your wine glass to wear....I'll try to snatch an image of them next time.

We were celebrating a very special birthday for Joany B. Joany is an amazing woman. I think we all draw from her strength. She just had cataract surgery with some not so great results. She could use a few prayers for her eyes if you can spare a prayer.

The Cake was from 3 Tarts in Northfield. Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse and strawberry filling.
I had to leave before we cut the cake....but I enjoyed looking at it! ( and watching Joany make a wish when we sang to her. )

ON tap for todaY:
Just finished at Spay Neuter Clinic. Adorable pups and kittens......

Paying the bills

Getting a massage! Cannot wait for it! My back has been sore. This is strictly therapuetic, you know.

Knitting the second shawlette.

Making some soup from scratch.

Reading YOUR blogs

Rooting for the Blackhawks

Rooting for Phillip Phillips

who are you rooting for today?


gMarie said...

What a fun little shawl. Love the cake. g

suburban prep said...

looks like fun.
I had my wedding cake from Three Tarts. Really good stuff.

Mereknits said...

I am totally rooting for Phillip Phillips and Elise. Their voices are sooooo smokey! I am getting caught up on paperwork and trying to fuigure out a blog post which is hard as I am so menopausal today. Have a wonderful day,

Donna Boucher said...

God bless Joany.

I would have been devastated to miss that cake.

Dee said...

Rooting for my Flyers! They didn't do so well last night.

To top it off --- our cable for that channel was messed up from mid-first period, so we didn't get to SEE the game. Of course, with the end score, maybe that was a good thing.

Happy birthday to Joany. Hope her eye issues can be improved soon.

Katherine said...

Love Phillip Phillips!!

You are a busy lady today. Sending out prayers for Joany.


hedgehogknitter said...

Okay, Rangers fan here. They didn't do so good last night either.

Sending out prayers for Joany....she looks like a very special lady indeed.

Ok, how could you leave without having some of that cake? I just had yogurt for lunch so I am starving!!!

Great pictures.

Grace said...

just wanted to say hi!!! earlier I was rooting for me that I would avoid temptation and not drop the car payment on a yarn sale that came to my email acct. I was strong!!! I regret missing that black merino/silk but I was strong!!!

Nancy said...

Did someone say "cake"? YUM!

Hippy Chick said...

I love how connected you are to a community of knitters. Being new to this area we just moved to, I miss my knitting friends, and my nonknitting friends, too. How blessed you are!

sapphireblue said...

Happy Birthday Joany!

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