Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Francis on St. Joseph's Day

I been asking St. Francis for quite a bit lately with Radar and all. I thought I'd let him model my finished Cotton Twirl Ruffled Shawl. Good thing it is for me, cause something went wrong somewheres along the way. Must have Al or Karen or both dissect it later.

There's no way I'll rework it. It is fine around my shoulders. I Needed to use up a bunch of Vanna's Yarn that I had stockpiled away for over a year. Its acrylic and that means its washable and it won't make me itch.....

Before I cast on for another one for a gift, I need to figure out what went wrong..

This lovely little globe was part of the great St. Pat's swap from Grace. It holds your ball of yarn and keeps it from running all over the room while you knit. I love this thing.

Back to my socks now.
Back to eating right too, my gallbladder was acting up all weekend again. If I do eat the correct way it does not rebel. I've read that increasing your Vitamin C intake and eating breakfast make a big difference.

I am a very bad breakfast girl. Never ate a cooked egg in my life. Must change my ways.....ideas anyone?

Oh and you have until midnight to leave a comment on the contest post to be entered to win.


Hippy Chick said...

So funny that you know St. Francis. My grandmother is a Fransican and actually, my grandfather started the Franciscan group (chapter?) at her church years and years ago. They meet here at our shared house twice a month and are a lovely group of people.

I'm praying for Radar! And for you, feel better.

Oh, breakfast idea...yogurt and granola or maybe even simpler, peanut butter toast. I'm not a good breakfast girl, either, but I notice I feel so much better when I do eat it. It's worth the effort!

Grace said...

there was a time I never ate breakfast and if I did it was sugary and I crashed almost immediately, now for the last 20 years or so I am all about starting my day with protein and I can go all morning without the edgy hungry feeling. I do love scrambled eggs, the only way I will eat them (well except for deviled or egg salad) and my carb is usually rye toast. I don't eat white breads at all anymore, and much as I love homefries I only have them twice a week. Yogurt and granola is a great choice, it is my mainstay for lunch almost every day.

Nancy said...

Breakfast gives your body fuel for the morning. Try making a quick smoothie in your blend with protein powder (any flavor) and some frozen fruit (I like strawberries, grapes, and banana). It doesn't take much fruit to make a thick smoothie. It's yummy and keeps me satisfied until lunch.

Anonymous said...

I never liked breakfast before either, but I've worked real hard to eat in the morning.

I make a big pot of oatmeal and then split it into custard cups w/tops. I add cinnamon and walnuts. Then I just need to microwave to eat.

Bananas and peanut butter or Ezekial bread with peanut butter and a V8 are other options.

GOT to have some protein with the carbs or I get hungry QUICK. I DO eat eggs once in awhile -- a mid-boiled egg on Ezekial bread makes a good breakfast too.

Good luck.

Judy S. said...

Sorry to hear about your gall bladder! Hope you're feeling good again. Love the photo of St. Francis wearing the shawl; he looks quite cozy.

SissySees said...

I'm not a fan of food first thing in the morning, but I can do breakfast bars. I'm especially fond of Kashi's.

gMarie said...

I love that little shawl. I don't see a problem at all.

Now - the breaky thing. I love egg mugs ala hungry girl. Not that i'm good about eating them myself, but.... or oatmeal. g

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