Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Donated Baby Hats

The great ladies at 3 Bags Full in Northbrook give me a call when they've got hats for our babies in the Special Care Unit. They are going to have a charity knit night soon, so watch for their email newsletter. I really should whip up a few hats with my leftover yarns. What is your favorite baby hat pattern?

I love Amanda Keeys Baby Beanies Book. She started knitting to embellish her photography!
You never know what twists will turn to get some needles into your hands. I think most of you know that I came back to knitting after 9/11 because I couldn't sleep.

Thanks for the prayers and wishes for my family. My father is in pain but has an IV for pain meds. His path is a bit uncertain right now weighing surgery vs. halo. I know he is in great hands at the hospital. Do you know anyone who needed a halo for neck stability?
I knitted him a prayer shawl a few years ago. He never used it. They just displayed it. I think I will find it and bring it to him at the hospital.

So baby hats, prayer shawls and what else? Oh Radar is somewhat improved and has stopped pulling his fur out. STill a bit off, however. Follow up with our great Vet Doc this week.

OH and Al is moving into her new place soon. I am knitting her a new blanket once she picks a couch. She's thinking grey. So, I could knit her cat's fur color to match.. Helo is a blend of cream and grey. I told her it would be fast and done on big old needles in ribbed stitch like the one I made for my sister last year. Now to find the perfect color grey yarn...but I'll wait until she commits to a couch.

It is simply glorious outside again. I cannot recall a March like this one Ever. I am usually in quite a funk in March. Not so this year, thank goodness with all hell breaking lose otherwise!



Dee said...

All those baby hats are adorable!

Hope that your dad continues to improve and doesn't need a halo. That seems like it would be SO uncomfortable.

I know my nephew had a halo-like implement to keep his jaw in place. He was a little boy and I think it sounded worse than it really was though. He took it in stride.

sapphireblue said...

That's hats are so cute!!

I hope everything goes well with your dad.

SissySees said...

I loved the flame hat and need to knit at least two more for the other firehouse babies on the way.

Don't know anyone who has gone the halo route.

Glad Radar is settling a bit. Hope there is more improvement.

What else? Dunno. Distracted by the looming storm.

SusanB-knits said...

Love the little hats! They are so cute.

Prayers for your dad and his continued improvement. I don't know anyone that had to have a halo.

Beverly said...

I've only known one person that had a halo. I never spoke with him about so I don't know how comfortable he was with it. He didn't let it stop him from getting out and doing things.

Nancy said...

The hats are darling.

Glad to hear that your Dad is stable. Prayers still coming your way.

gMarie said...

so are the hats all acrylic? I have a friend who knits premie hats and matching cookie sheet blankets but was told NO WOOL!

Glad your dad is stable even if in pain. I don't know the pros/cons of halo v. surgery.

Glad Radar is doing okay and sorry to hear that Al is moving out. That's never fun. Enjoy knitting the blanket. g

Katherine said...

So glad to hear your dad is doing okay. We have a friend who had her neck broken during the tornado that swept through downtown Fort Worth about 10 years ago. She had a halo and did amazingly well with it. She is an ER nurse with DD and she went back to work after a few weeks.

Go Radar!! Good thoughts going out for you.

Your dad remains in our prayers!!

Judy S. said...

Still thinking of you, your dad and the family, and hoping for further improvement. Hugs. PS Cute hats, great project!

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