Thursday, March 15, 2012

Contest , Contest enter the Contest!

Sometimes simpler is better. This lovely Scandinavian style Nostepinne can be yours. I bought one for myself too, from Craftiness' Etsy Shop.

Sometimes a handwritten letter beats an email.
Sometimes the radio is just fine to "WATCH" a ballgame with
Sometimes Stick shift driving just beats automatic transmission for fun
Sometimes peanut butter and jelly beats Lean Cuisine
Sometimes Water beats all
Sometimes instinct beats technology
Sometimes a walk beats a race
Sometimes winding your own yarn beats waiting at the shop

So leave me a comment on this post only, by March 19th, the last day of Winter here.
Tell me when simpler is better for you.....

and you just might win this lovely handmade Nostepinne


SissySees said...

Simpler isn't ALWAYS better?! Well. ;)

Too many cooks can spoil the supper, a meeting and all sorts of things. Sometimes, a few minds are better than a bunch.

Something I'm still working on... sometimes a short answer is best.

Food. Almost without fail, I'll take a simple meal with a few, fine ingredients over something fussy and hard to prepare.

Mereknits said...

Sometimes a simple project is better than a complex one. Lame I know but I am on my way out the door. I got the magazine and am taking it with me to Orlando, I can't wait to look through it, thanks so much.

kathy b said...

You are very welcome Meredith. Enjoy Orlando!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Soooo, I didn't know what a Nostepinne was, and now thanks to this post and the google, I know what one is, and how to use it, so I believe I am quite qualified to win :-)
simple is yesterday forgetting to pack lunch for work and having leftover crackers with a tin of tuna

Jennifer said...

A power outage is the best family time around. We all unplug, pull out our camping gear, flashlights and lanterns and have a family game night. My youngest son calls them antique games. It's still some of the best family time around.

Grace said...

sometimes working hard beats hardly working

Nancy said...

I agree that simple is always better. Too many times, a project stalls because it is too complex; thus, I get distracted. Oh yeah, simple projects are always the best.

Committees often get bogged down because they become obsessed with the complex when the answer is often very simple. We, as a society, tend to "over think" things.

skaro964 said...

Simple is always better until you let the engineer get involved. Then it's just time to walk away and do something else.

gMarie said...

Simpler is better when cooking and for me - making my own clothing.


Breien in Lansingerland said...

Sometimes even the tiniest bit of luck can be found in an unexpected place.

Catherine said...

As it's St. Patrick's Day here in Ireland I guess it's appropriate to post a comment - I'm sitting here in my kitchen knitting socks and watching the Dublin Parade on telly and thinking how satisfying home-made anything is - from socks to apple tarts to clothes, it may not be cheaper to make than to buy stuff in our mass-produced world but it certainly wins on the happiness scale!
I have no idea what a Nostepinne is but it looks worth Googling - I think Scandinavia or something to do with spinning or winding yarn! I am learning all over again about knitting since I resumed my old childhood hobby a few years back. I am loving it now. Wish I had more time but working fulltime as a public health nurse in the community cuts into knitting time!
Catherine. (I'm on Ravelry as LismoreLady)

staci said...

I agree with Mereknits that sometimes a simple knitting project is better than a complex one...because sometimes I want to "just knit" instead of constantly reading and checking a pattern.

My first coffee of the morning at home is so much better than a fancy coffee later in the day ;)

suburban prep said...

A simple smile from a child can make the stress of the day go away.

I have found this out from being around my nieces and nephews.

Hippy Chick said...

Sometimes turning a real page is better than turning on my Kindle...

Great post!

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