Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Northern Lights Possibility

There is a decent likelihood that we here in the Chicago area might see the Northern Lights tonight. Now the weather people round these here parts are often wrong wrong wrong .....even when it comes to predicting the temperature. Nonetheless I've let the weatherman get my hopes up for tonight. I May be pulling my jeans on and grabbing a coat in the wee hours to see aurora b.
Would you do the same?

Here we have an image of my soon to be frogged Feather and Fan scarf. Now that I've shown myself I can knit the pattern, I realize I don't have enough yarn for a scarf and I am too cheap...yup too cheap to buy more NORO. I already know what I'll reknit the yarn into...
here's hint: Have any of you felted with NORO? How does it felt???

Swappers please check in with me if you have not already done so. Have you sent your swap package out? Did you receive your package yet???

and one other thing today: Someone at work told me this: her 80 year old mom baked her own birthday cake and invited friends over....
my kinda WOMAN

(be nice to yourself)


Grace said...

i often bake my own birthday cake

i have seen the Northern Lights here in NJ twice, it was absolutely wonderful I would get up in the middle of the night to see it, heck we get up for meteor showers

Nancy said...

Living on the farm, I saw the Northern Lights all the time and loved them. When I moved, I told my nephew if they were putting on a show to call me no matter what the time. After his calls, I drive to an isolated hill and watch the show. My nephew has since moved, so sadly, I don't have an alert system anymore.

fancystitching said...

No Northern Lights in Louisiana, but we do rise for meteor showers when we know they are happening. I ABSOLUTELY would get up for NL if they were predicted!

Happy viewing!

Katherine said...

Oh no!! Another feather and fan going r-i-i-p? I hope you will try again!

I would love to see the Northern Lights. Celtic Memory Yarns blog has a great picture of the lights and it made me want to see them even more! The best we can hope for is seeing Venus at its brightest.

SissySees said...

That's beautiful. I'm a little jealous that you MIGHT see the Northern Lights.

And yes. I have the most wonderful swap package that I hope to FINALLY get photos of this afternoon.

Olivia said...

So pretty! When are we supposed to be able to see the Northern Lights? I'll be at work so call me if you get up and I'll run out to the helipad.
Noro felts beautifully and I love that color! Sorry you won't have enough to make a scarf. I have to swatch for my shrug today

Ann said...

HI Kath,
I found you as I was working on SEO for Abundant Trove and saw you had put me in your blog around Mother's Day last year. You are such a dear. Taiah and I loved the Huck angel. We still see him in costumes. :) Loved your knitting--too bad not enough for a scarf--so pretty. Socks would be a great know how--we constantly are purchasing and losing ones to the washing machine.
I loved the Northern Lights in Minnesota. It is fantastic and I would get up to watch. Hope you get to see them. Thank you for your jewelry purchase today--you are so good to me. Love you, Ann

Beverly said...

I've never seen the Northern Lights. They are visible hear in SC. I would definitely get up to see them.

What Noro are you using? The scarf is pretty. Too bad that it is going to the frog pond.

Margaret said...

I would most DEFINITELY get up for a chance to see Aurora B! We used to get up in the wee hours to see meteor showers. Even woke the kids (um..not as enthused as Mom and Dad..)

Love the scarf. I have never knit this pattern, but I always tell myself that I will some day. It looks great! I've knit a lot of Noro(I am right now), but never felted it

Anonymous said...

I would TOTALLY get up and go out in the cold to see the Northern Lights.

That NORO is a beautiful color. It would make a great cowl.

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