Friday, January 06, 2012

Let's Help Stephen Hawking....

First of all I'm showing you Al's new hat. She whipped it up to match her cute new coat. Also she is knitting this little cabled ditty for a friend with whom she works. I asked where she got the pattern....she made it up. In high school she took a test that said her career should be either: A dock supervisor or an astrophysicist.........which leads me to today's topic....

turns out, you know, she's an ER nurse which means she is both dock supervisor and astrophysicist.

About 2 posts ago I was going on about how smart the NASA people are and I can't even work a lace pattern.
Well today I read that brilliant minded Stephen Hawking cannot figure out: WOMEN.

Let's help him. I'm not all women, but I am one woman and this I know:

*if we say we want yarn for our birthday, anniversary or holiday gifts, buy us that yarn.

*If we say we need to stop at a yarn shop in a town we are vacationing in, then we do need to stop there. And go in. And buy something. usually.

*if we say we need yarn, then it doesn't matter how much stash we have. And leftovers from previous projects do not amount to stash for me. They are leftovers.

*If we are knitting on a deadline, and we want a bowl of cereal for dinner, we want you to have a bowl for your dinner too.

*If we are overjoyed with our knit up one day and crying and frogging it the next, we have good reason. You can bring me a glass of white wine or champagne and it will be very much appreciated. It will get you very very far....

*If we knit something just for you and you appreciate it, we love you all the more.

and finally

*if I want to sit next to you and knit while you watch wrestling or hockey or football or the Tour de France, know that you are indeed about the best guy in the world to me.

(any additions Ladies?)


SusanB-knits said...

I agree whole heartily with your list on women! All men should take note not just Steven Hawkings, lol.

sapphireblue said...

If you ask what's wrong and i say, "Nothing!!", something's wrong.

Jennifer said...

Brava! Love the hat!!!

SissySees said...

Yarn - and wine - are cheaper than therapy. What else do they need to know!?

Katherine said...

I love Al's hat and scarf!!

Here's one: If I drop a stitch and have to ratchet it back up twenty rows through two cable patterns, sit quietly waiting while I do it then pat me lovingly and tell me what a brave girl I am!

Dee said...

Beautiful hat and scarf. :o)

Another rule:

If my lips are moving while I'm knitting, it means I'm counting. DO.NOT.INTERRUPT!

Judy S. said...

Great list. I'm still laughing. And I like Dee's addition. There are definitely times when no talking is in order. Happy New Year, Kathy. Is that new yarn Lorna's?

Grace said...

hmmmmm i think this should be put on a big project bag, or a poster or something


I am not the only knitter who looses needles she was just working with.

fancystitching said...

When I am knitting furiously (or quilting furiously), with that glazed-eye look, and it is an hour past meal time, and you ask, "What's for supper?", and I say, "You are on your own.", a deep SIGH is not correct response. The correct response is, "Then what can I fix for YOU, my Dearest?" HAHA! I am not holding my breath and waiting for that to happen!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Love your list. Excellent addition, Dee. Fancystitching has a good point, as well. Why do men think that sighing will accomplish anything positive when we're under a deadline?

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