Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh the People you Meet

I finished my little cranberry socks yesterday and they are mine all mine. I was knitting the toe in a doctor's waiting room when a wonderful little old lady sat next to me and started the knit chatter!

Fireman was laughing behind his magazine because we knit nuts just find each other and take off.
She's a big Stephen West fan. She loves Paigewood farms sock yarns.
Wahoo. New yarn for me to try!
I've never heard of Paigewood farms have you??

She loves to knit socks, she says, because When you are done, you are done! (no seams or finishing.....or the like) I began to wonder if we were twins....
just a few decades apart....

(The skein shown is what Santa brought and yes, I've already cast on another pair of socks)



Irisheyes Lynn said...

Santa has good taste in yarn!

Karezybear said...

Socks are so pretty! I Love paigewood farm yarns! I have 3 bags of their "sock bits" I'll bring some to Knags for you to "feel up"!

SissySees said...

What fun story. And yes, the Knight would have guffawed, and probably not politely behind a magazine!

I have some Paigewood in my stash... maybe?

SusanB-knits said...

Paigewood Farms yarn is yummy! I knitted a pair of socks with it and love them.
I've also used Lorna's Lace which I love! My grandkids gave me a gift certificate so I just ordered some Lorna's Laces Solemate to try.
Love your socks!

Katherine said...

The new yarn is beautiful and the socks are fantastic. All the colors are so pretty! I've never heard of Paigewood Farm yarns but I will look for them.

Hippy Chick said...

2012 is my year to learn to knit socks. I don't why I find socks so intimidating! The pair you made are beautiful and look so cozy. Great work!

staci said...

Lovely socks!!! I've knit one pair from Paigewood and it's fabulous!

I agree about the fact that when socks are done, they're done!!!

Nancy said...

I've never heard of Paigewood Farms yarn either.

It is fun to knit in public because it is such a great ice breaker. Chances are, if you weren't knitting, the woman never would have started a conversation with you.

Beverly said...

I have Pagewood farms Yukon and Chugiak. I haven't used either one but they feel great.

I agree. Santa does have good taste.

Lynn said...

I LOVE your cranberry socks!!! They look very comfy too. I've heard of Pagewood Farms before. Its a really soft yarn and knits up beautifully! I dont have any but a friend of mine does. NICE!

and of course we find fellow knitters, esp when you are knitting yourself!!! I agree with that woman, I LOVE knitting socks because once you are done, you are DONE! I love having a different heel and toe for my socks, but even that I hate to weave in.

Nice socks from Santa!

Anonymous said...

Your socks look great!

Pagewood Farms is a great yarn. I have several skeins in my stash.

Alyssa said...

I've never heard of them... Oh, no, not more yarn! *snicker*

And, I also love socks! I have some otn for my boyfriend right now!

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