Saturday, November 12, 2011

The very ugly wristwarmers felted

So here they are. The felted beautifully. You cannot see any of the tension of the week in the stitches at all. However, the holes did felt pretty close to closed......If you could see them in person, you'd see 2 rows of ridges that are very very slightly evident.

I forgot to put something in the lace holes before I washed them. Seriously. It was late and I was so excited to wash them, I just winged it.

So they are quite plain, but fine, I think. Even gift worthy.

This is Zach's beautiful guitar that I dont' know how to play. I thought it would make a nice image.

I have to tell you as I was finishing these wristwarmers I was sitting in my parked car waiting for a friend. I left the heat off and the car off. I was using the needles that are supposed to flex with the warmth of your hands. Guess what? They break when it is cold out! I broke two of the needles in the cold. Dang.
I resorted to using a needle like instrument that you use to push your cuticles back, as a spare. This never would have worked on something that the sins of knitting could not be felted away.

As for shrinking, it didnt really happen. I only washed them twice briefly and it compacted the stitches, but didn't really shrink much.

Ahhhh felting. And by the way, they are incredible warm and dense.



Mereknits said...

I think your fingerless mitts are great, but if you think they are too plain, (which I do not) think of them as a blank canvas, you could need felt on them, embroider, crochet a small flower, the possibilities are endless.

kathy b said... are so right. I could put buttons on them.....or crochet a little flower....that would be so cute.. I think I may do the flower....
yes yes

SissySees said...

They're fabulous, especially in that fantastic photo.

Estella said...

I don't think they are ugly at all! I like the idea of embroidering them.

Beverly said...

Glad that the came out useable and pretty. There are some really beautiful fingerless mitts out there. You should check them out.

What is the name of the needles you broke? I've never heard of this type of needle.

Zach's guitar is beautiful!

Scrabblequeen said...

Great finish! I love the sound of embellishing them, even though I dont think they're too plain at all.

Lynn said...

The mitts look great! Felting is a great way to get rid of mistakes and keep those hands extra warm!

and sorry abt the needles. Guess THEY needed the hands to keep THEM warm, huh?

Katherine said...

The mitts are wonderful!! Definitely gift worthy! If the needles were Comfort Zones they will break in the cold. Just let me know what size and I'll send you more.

Grace said...

HELP i need geek squad the photos are not showing up and I don't know why I want to see the felted wristwarmers!!!having temper tantrum here

sapphireblue said...

They turned out great!

Chantelle said...

Great idea in using the guitar as a photo prop. They turned out wonderfully!

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