Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look Closely for the Black Cowl

Here is the centerpiece for our little dinner Thursday, and the very boring black cowl for my friend Linda. I used Zara merino wool and doubled the strands. I think I cast on 70 stitches. I wanted it to be a snug cowl. Linda walks her dogs daily and needs fashion and function! I know LInda and I know she'll like it.

Last year I gave a pair of wonderful fingerless to someone at work. I thought she'd love them. I asked her about them Sunday night and she said she THINKS she gave them to her daughter....just a timely reminder for me to put my labor intensive craft to good use by only knitting for those who love to be knitting for!

I'm such a potato chip knitter. I am hooked on this easy great cowl pattern. Are you hooked on a particular pattern right now?



Mereknits said...

I can't believe she gave them away!!!! I know that has happened to me too, I guess you just have to let your projects go and hope they find the home they are supposed to.
Have a great day,

Katherine said...

Oh that hurts! That's why I give knitted gifts to family only. They "ooooh and awwww" over gifts and wear them because they have been trained to believe that if Mom isn't happy, nobody is happy. It keeps them in line!! Lol

The cowl is beautiful and looks so soft and warm. I know your friend will love it.

Grace said...

super skinny crochet scarf is one of them


and monster knitting

Nancy said...

Your friend's comment is exactly why I knit mostly for charity. My family doesn't really want knit items, so I knit what a charity needs and send it on. That why, I know the items will be used, and if they aren't used, I don't know about it.

Judy S. said...

I love the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf; it looks great in any kind of yarn. That's a pretty cowl, and in black no less, a challenging color to work with. Some folks just don't appreciate the time put into handmade things, I guesslll

sapphireblue said...

I knit a blanket for my niece's baby. I was a beginner at the time, so it took me forever. I got this really nice yarn too. I never saw the blanket ever again. Then...there was this person at worked that begged for me to make them a hat. I never saw that again either. I learned my lesson on that one.

SissySees said...

I have given ONE knitted gift away, but I promptly notified the giver and explained...

The widow of our past chief was chilly. I offered her my clapotis. She tried to return it to me at the end of the event, and it was colder still, so I told her to wear it home... and she wrote me a thank you note for the thoughtful gift. Hem.

Ironically, I had purchased yarn to knit her a shawl, but she raved so about the colors of that one, and I knew my friend would understand.

Conversely, I had to email, call and finally get a cousin to confirm that my mother actually received the stole I knitted for her, one of my first big lace projects. Yup. She got it.


Alyssa said...

I don't think it's boring! I think it's classy!

And, I agree with you about the appreciation thing. I only make knits for people that I know will understand how much work goes into it.

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