Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Bragging rights

(Knitty hat pattern: BRAMBLES)

I never bragged about my kids when they were growing up. I detested those that did. I bragged about my dog. Huck. Not that I didnt think my two kids weren't amazing. They were. And yours are too. I just hated the give and take of so many suburban converstaions.....bummping into someone in the grocery store.
"How's Mindy?"
"Oh SHe's on the Varsity Volleyball team, did you see her in V-show? She's applied to Dartmouth and Dennison. How's Allison?""
"She's good" I'd say and smile. ANd walk away. I didnt' want the comparative chatter. I knew she was amazing and miserable during high school. I knew my Zach was an amazing interpreter of the world around in him, on paper. I was in love with my kids, even as teens. Especially as teens.

Well now Im braggin. The girl knits circles around me. Look at her hat, done while really concentrating on something entirely different. And look at her spreading knit love around, teaching others to knit....while during their allotted break time of course.

Sometimes you simply have to BRAG



SissySees said...

It's not bragging when it's true. ;)

Katherine said...

I was the same way. I didn't brag when they were teens because, frankly, there were days where there was nothing to brag about!! But now they are such wonderful people, like Allison, that I just have to tell everyone about them if I can get them to stand still and listen.

Allison is so beautiful and clearly talented. You can brag anytime you want!!

Dee said...

That is a VERY brag-worthy hat (and kid)!

I love that she's spreading the knittin'-love!

Beverly said...

And brag you should. My mom didn't brag either but she sure was proud of us. She let our actions and accomplishments do the talking.

You cannot show us fab knits and not give the name. It is soooo wrong.

Kim said...

My daughter bests me in virtually everything. The first thing she knit wasn't a washcloth or a scarf. Nope. A stuffed animal.

Nancy said...

Beautiful hat. It's great to have pride in your children, so go ahead and brag to your heart's content.

Judy S. said...

You won't believe this, but it wasn't until yesterday that I figured out that Al was your daughter! Isn't it great that she took up knitting? And even greater that she's teaching others!You have every right to brag.

Grace said...

and she is beautiful too---you are a proud mama speaking with love of your child's accomplishments and that isn't bragging!!!!

sapphireblue said...

Nice cables! Very bragworthy.

Cynthia said...

Wow! Brag you should! The hat is awesome! As much as I have tried, I cannot knit. I've come close to poking my eye out but that's about it. So I live vicariously through wonderful blogs like yours.

Olivia said...

I like that you didn't brag about us. It gave me a great respect for awesome people who are also HUMBLE. This hat was "Brambles" from knitty.com. I made it in Malabrigo "Applewood".

Matt and Katie Lindsay said...

Cheers! Love the modesty and the knitting.

ps-It is bragging when it's true. It's lying if it isn't.

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