Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Carole's Ten on Tuesday: What do you buy every week???

I had to double post today due to Carole's question...
so here goes. What do you buy every week? I dont know if I have Ten answers though:

*Lottery tickets for our work group.
If we ever win, I mean WHEN we win, we are all going to hold the big check together in our scrubs. Then I'm outta there...pronto. This is a big and important job. People are very cute and yet serious when they hand me their playing dollar. More on this another post...

*Kitty litter....my lions and I Love a clean box

*Beer....and I don't even drink it. Fireman is a sucker for Sam Adams Octoberfest,
Chamay, his all time favorite,
and Domain DuPage locally brewed by Two Brothers brewery.
I could do another post on his favorite beers...hmmmmmmm

*Coffee. We drink it up and need a new bag each week. We jump around
alot (hee hee NO NOT really after coffee) but we like
Caribou Coffees
Some Starbucks
Casteel Coffees, (local roaster)

*Dessert of some kind. Cookies, a cake, a pie, ice cream.....I think there is another
post here....

*Creamer. Follow up to the coffee

*medication. I swear my scripts run out in rotation weekly. I am forever
at Walgreens

*I'm very happy to say I no longer need feminine pads. Does this count?
I spent a fortune on the damn things...ANother post sometime..NAh...nuff said.

*Floss. Hence the gum graft. My mad flossing routines gotta change....ahhh
another area for growth....yippee...

*Soap of some kind. We are always running out of one kind or another
dish soap
machine dish soap
Laundry soap
laundery softener
hand bar soap
Liquid shower gel
I dont buy them all weekly, mind you. But one of them is always due on the list.

THere.....what do you buy weekly?



Anonymous said...

BREAD and OJ!!! My son goes through them and he is only 6. Can you imagine how much he will go through when he is a teenager???

fancystitching said...

Milk, bread, fruit, and one meal per week out on Monday bowling night.

Katherine said...

Say it isn't so--I am a fanatical flosser. Are you saying it leads to the need for gum grafts?

Dog treats and Diet Pepsi are on my weekly buy list.

SissySees said...

Milk, bananas, bread, yogurt, take-out... I'm sure there are other things, but that's what comes to mind!

Alyssa said...

Hmmmm. W and I don't use enough to buy groceries every week. We go grocery shopping every other week. Though - OH! OJ. We go through a gallon of OJ a week!

SusanB-knits said...

Definitely chocolate milk! oh and fruit. But of course other stuff jumps into my cart, lol, so I end up with a few more items.

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