Thursday, July 07, 2011

Surrounded by Greatness

Karen is such a great knitter. This is her vest. It is a vine vest from last years Interweave. She is using an ECO yarn. Even great knitters have trouble sometimes with the double instructions. My old, "at the same time" nemesis. Karen will no doubt over come her current issues with the finish.

In other news:

Pippa is back at the shelter. Relief. You do know that I dressed in my snowpants, boots and gloves to protect myself from her little leg 90 degree weather no less. I thought it was quite creative myself....
now to enjoy the kittens. As if there is any effort to THAT. They are all sweetness and light.

Beatles the poor doer, is still incredibly small. Time will tell. Everyone roots for him. Such an undercat...ha ha ha

So tell me, how should I celebrate my weekend OFF. Yup. I have this weekend off entirely.
Normal sleep and all. Any ideas???


Dee said...

Well, some knitting FOR SURE!

sapphireblue said...

Movies? Going out to eat?

Beverly said...

Relaxing with knitting a nice bottle of wine and a good meal.

Nancy said...

I'm thinking a good book, some knitting, a pitcher of cold lemonade, and a comfortable chair on the deck.

SissySees said...

Whatever makes you happy!!

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