Saturday, July 23, 2011

So many questions.......(Door County Cat Troll image for fun)

Knitting with Wool continues...... here are some questions for you that I pondered yesterday while knitting:

Do you like percolator coffee? Electirc? Prefer it to brewed? To french press??

Do you feed your cat/dog a no wheat/corn formula?

Do you feed the birds in the summer? What is best?

Would you rather have a candy bar or an ice cream candy bar?

Do you have a ipod speaker? What kind?

Do you print your pictures anymore? What service do you use?

Favorite etsy site?

Mail order food??

Any thoughts my friends???


Anonymous said...

I drink lattes from a local brewing company or Autumn Roast from Einstein Bros. (automatic drip grind).

No pets. Do not feed the birds. If I was going to have a treat it would probably be the candy bar in winter and the ice cream candy bar in the summer. I have a cord for my MP3 player that allows it to be played through any stereo system with a 3-jack plug. I do NOT print my pictures, but do use Flickr, Photobucket, and Picnik for storage and editing. I have my own photo printer at home, but haven't used it yet (yes, it's THAT new. LOL) No Etsy for me and very rarely mail order food --- mostly just hot sauces.

Now you know all there is to know about me. LOL

Katherine said...

*I Keurig my coffee.
*Macy has always eaten Beneful Light.
*We boil sugar water (half & half) for the hummingbirds. They love it!
*No speakers for my iPod, just a great set of Dr. Dre headphones.
*Mail order foods--I'm a lover of Vitalicious muffin tops!!
*Rarely Etsy shop.
*I love, love, love knitting with wool.
Great questions!

Sue said...

I like coffee, don't care how it's made.
None of my 10 dogs have any food allergies, so they can eat grains.
We feed the birds year round. Our yard is a certified wildlife habitat. We provide mixed seeds, hummer juice and water.
Candy or ice cream? I want both.
No Ipod speakers.
I print some pictures and store all on discs.
I have lots of Etsy sites that I frequent.
I order nuts online from

That is a scary looking cat.

Scrabblequeen said...

I rarely drink coffee, no idea if one method is better
I feed my dogs Iambs Weight Control
Ice cream will always beat candy!
I don't feed the birds...we live on the edge of ag. fields, they have plenty to eat!
Hubs has two iPod in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, two different types and brands.
Rarely print my pics, but when I do, I do it where ever the price is best just then.

No fav Etsy shop

Mail order foods...tea, for sure! Others on rare occasions....wondering what caused this question...:-)

SissySees said...

Coffee - Keurig.

Sissy is horribly allergic to corn so grain-free is appreciated.

We no longer feed the birds since the girls are such huntresses and the feeders WERE on the deck.

I'm not much on candy bars, but when I'm in the mood, it depends on what is handy... in this heat, ice cream anything is perfect.

No iPod speakers. There's a very fance set-up at the firehouse, but I am ignorant.

Shutterfly and similar services offer great deals sometimes. I print my photos by the 100s when they do.

Don't really have a favorite Etsy site. Like several though and have never had a bad Etsy experience.

We mail order almost everything in podunk.

Beverly said...

I hate coffee, even the smell of it. I don't have any pets because I am severely allergic to cats and mildly allergic to dogs and don't feed the birds.

I'd rather have a candy bar. I don't have an ipod. I print pictures on an Epson printer that prints gorgeous photos. I don't have a favorite Etsy site nor do I mail order food. I have mail ordered tea from Teavana.

Grace said...

Do you like percolator coffee? Electirc? Prefer it to brewed? To french press?? Don't drink coffee

Do you feed your cat/dog a no wheat/corn formula? No pets

Do you feed the birds in the summer? What is best? no---they need to remember how to forage

Would you rather have a candy bar or an ice cream candy bar? candy bar

Do you have a ipod speaker? What kind? no

Do you print your pictures anymore? What service do you use?
rarely--I do it myself
Favorite etsy site?
Dancing Dog Dyeworks
Mail order food??
Revolution Tea-
Any thoughts my friends??? no thoughts today!

Karen G said...

My grandmother made coffee in a percolator, and it was THE BEST coffee ever. (But as long as coffee is strong, I'll drink it.)

K.C. gets Purina One Urinary Care because she's had pee-pee problems. But no problems since eating the special food.

I never feed the birds. Does that make me a bad person?

I'd have a candy bar - chocolate please. Don't worry, I'd check the carb count on the label and dose the proper amount on insulin for it!!

I do. I don't know what kind. I got it free someplace and never use it.

I hardly ever print my pictures anymore - but last time I did I think I used Snapfish? I liked them. Can you order prints through Flickr now? I bet you can.

I haven't been to etsy in far too long. I think I need to find a favorite site!

Nope, never mail ordered my food. I have, however, mail ordered glucose tablets because I can't find my favorite flavor (watermelon) in the stores!!

My thoughts to you friend? She looks like she's dying for a set of knitting needles in her hands!!

Beth said...

I always use a French press, but used my sister-in-law's Keurig for a week and loved how easy it was to use.

I used to feed the hummingbirds until my feeder fell down and broke. I should get another one, we had a hummingbird that came year round.

I rarely print pictures, but when I do I use Costco because they have such good prices and I've always been happy with the quality.

I have ordered many different kinds of food (meat, candy, coconut milk). Sometimes feels weird but if you can get a good price I figure why not.

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