Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The Sea Wool Florida Footies ......
I love this wool. I am certainly going to buy some. Katherine, thanks for a fanstastic gift.
This wool is a dream to knit with......I give it 4 double points.

The New Marilyn Monroe statue in Chicago.......I give it one double point. I can't knock artists for trying. I won't give it the Hook, the crochet hook that is, because art is in the eye of the beholder. It certainly has gotten everyone's attention and whenever art does that, it succeeds on some level....

Elavil for Rosalyn. Yes, Rozzy is officially on an antianxiety for cats. Poor dear thing. She hasn't been calm since we were away on vacation. She's been miserable, vomiting, crying, wandering the house.....Today she went to our wonderful Vet Kristine Preiser. She is napping now, and calm for the first time.......in too long. I give it 4 double points.

Red Sock Yarns, Top of the Hill Shops, Fish Creek WI, Door County.
4 double points hands down.....kneedles up.
The woman who helped me find some yarn for my friend Channon was sooooooooo nice.
She was soooo nice to everyone in the store and on the phone...
She offered great dining tips, ( I asked Ala Rachel Ray) and said if she
could help me with ANYTHING during my time in Door County she would.
WOW.. Terrific customer service

Here's my rating system

4 double points ........the best
the hook.....the worst

What's in between? Stay tuned. And please, give me a review of your yarn!! I'd love it


Anonymous said...

The sock yarn Koigu -- 3 double points

The tea towel Euroflax? 4 double points for color. The hook for how easy it is to knit with.

Scrabblequeen said...

LOL...I love your rating system! Malabrigo Rios...4 double points! All the color and soft of Mal worsted, but washable! It also has a nice twist and is incredibly springy.

Nancy said...

Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn - 4 double pts/2 circulars

kathy b said...


I've never had the pleasure of knitting with Cherry tree Hill....always wanted to. Must add it to my list for the birthday ideas for FIREMAN. :)

Beverly said...

I knit with 5 dpn's so I'd have to change the scale a little.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Hmmmm Interesting yarns - have to find out if I can get them to our country one day to try ;-)

at the moment knitting with Hifa 2 Ull = scandinavian sock yarn. A bit rough looking, but with a super warm result. 3 double points from me

SissySees said...

KnitPicks Gloss - 2 double points. Not great, not horrible. Final review once it's blocked.

Sanguine Gryphon Bugga Bugga - 4 double points. Great color and twist.

Good customer service makes all the difference, doesn't it?

Katherine said...

They give Elavil to kitties? Rozzy is probably mewing, "I feel gooood!"

So glad you are enjoying the Sea Wool!

Marilyn Monroe gets a better rating from me than the baseball bat or the clothes pin.

I'm knitting with Grignasco's Merinogold and it is so good it's right up there with Malabrigo!

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