Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Very Rare Sunday Post

* My sister loves her blanket.
It arrived for her birthday.
She left me a long long thank you voicemail that I saved.
Do you save voicemails, just because....?

*I'm continuing to knit the suede shawlette.

*I ordered more Suede, in a blush color.
Potato chip knitting on tap here...
another Suede Shawlette will follow.

*Pippa is trusting us a bit more-
All 6 kittens present and accounted for .

*DO you subscribe to
What do you think of it?

*If I could change one thing about my knitting
today, it would be: I'd give up some nap time to knit
But I cannot. Must nap before working tonight.
I dreamt the other night, that I was actually
succedding in knitting a lace shawl...
oh stop laughing all of you!


Channon said...

Not laughing... you can do it!!

Sissy is napping for you. Wish it worked that way, huh?

Ling said...

I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a beautiful lace shawl from you.

The blanket looks great and your sister looks very happy with it!

staci said...

That's wonderful that your sister loves her looks very cozy!

Delusional Knitter said...

Lovely blanket, so nice when things are appreciated. I have never heard of Knitting Paradise, will go check that out. Glad momma kitty and babies are doing well.

We adopted one kitty from a rescue and he's such a fun cat. The other two were "adopted" from a coworker who didn't get her kitty fixed and let her outside (she is fixed now though), worked out for us because we ended up with two wonderful cats from her mistake.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

I like your blanket.

I want to start making a shawl as soon as I finish these socks.

Irisheyes Lynn said...

Great job on that blanket, Kath!

Judy S. said...

I'll bet that blush color is pretty. Check the Berrocco website for cute little bootie I recall, they were free. We save voicemails from the GK and play them whenever we need a lift. ;) Off to check your website link.....

Katherine said...

Love the blanket! I know your sister loves it. I also KNOW that you can knit lace!

I like the idea of recording every family member just so I can hear their voices often and keep them close to me.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Beautiful blanket! It will keep your sis warm for sure

Anonymous said...

Yep! That smile says the blanket is LOVED!

Lynneb said...

Yay!!! What's not to love about that blanket?

Laura said...

Yes, I do save voice mails - just because . . . .!

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