Friday, June 10, 2011

Holy Snakes I'm Knitting Lace

*I'm so happy knititng this lace pattern. Again, it is Skydive Stole or Scarf Pattern.
Katherine sent it to me foreverago, to get me started on lace.
Gretchin Rubin of The HAPPINESS PROJECT book talks about how learning a new skill
can really boost your happiness.
I can vouch for that! I am happy just thinking about this scarf....

*I overbooked myself this week with activity. My mom needed my time and it
was the least I could do for her. Yet, here it is Friday and Im starting work
tomorrow night. Where did this week go?

Here are my Time eaters: (I'm working on being aware of them)
I spent much more than my average time in the car this week. Driving cuts into
my time.....otherwise I get to knit!

*unavoidable obligations: again, my mom needed me this week. She's a doll.
The least I can do.

*Highlights put in my hair. UGH I hate the time the process takes.....but
blondes do have more fun..

*Waiting in doctor's offices. Radar had a necessary vet visit. That ate up
a morning. My mom's doctor visit today...same....

*Eating out. I know I know. I am lucky to eat out. But carry out is much more
efficient for my life. Fireman and I ate out twice this week and it eats time.

What are your time eaters???


SissySees said...

Look at you, you lace knitter you!

My time eaters? Everything social media.

sapphireblue said...

Looks nice! My commute is my big time eater. I wish there was a way to knit and drive, but that would be stupid.

Katherine said...

Yippee you have learned to fly! Next step--charted lace knitting. You can do it!

Time eaters in my life are abundant. Grandkids and dogs mostly.
*We have been pup sitting DS#2's two beagles for two weeks while he gets moved into his new house.
* Ferrying GD#3 and her friends around all Summer. Even her friends call our office and say, "Grandma can you pick us up at the mall?" Next year they will all be driving and I'll be wondering why no one needs me.

Lucette said...

The lace looks nice and I am glad that you are enjoying it so far. Time wasters- my mom said that the internet was addictive. Don't like to admit it, yet she was right. I should be weeding the garden but this is more fun.

Linda said...

Love that lacey scarf! So pretty!Computer can be a time eater for me...I spend too much time on here when I should be sewing!

Ling said...

Time eaters - Kids!!

I like the lace knittng!!

Marguerite said...

Pretty pretty lace. Knew you could do it.

Time eaters? My three old dogs. They're spoiled and needy, but I love them.

Scrabblequeen said...

Lovely lace and yarn! Time eaters? Everything, of course. Work, house work, family, knitting, reading...etc and so on.

Beverly said...

Reading blogs, ravelry, sports on tv, nephews.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

Time eaters for me are:

commenting on blogs and cleaning out my emails.

My next project after this project is I want to knit or crochet a lace shawl. I want to find something simple, as this will be my first one.

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