Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Barbara Organ's Skydive Scarf modeled by Radar

I cannot believe I am knitting lace. Redundant I know. Huge apologies. I just can't stand it. I even fixed a mistake last night. You all know I am a very enthusiastic AVERAGE knitter who takes little to no risks when I knit. I cannot believe I am almost finished with the scarf.

Next up: I am going to knit the Stole in the same pattern. I will be over at 3 Bags Full tomorrow
finding some fingering weight yarn that I love. I think I need about 600 yards. Any suggestions???

Pippa's kittens are two weeks old tomorrow. There is a very little funny looking one. Did I already tell you about this little fighter? My great vet, Dr. Preiser looked her over and called her a Poor Doer. She is encouraged that she has made it this far. She is fiesty. Her fur is weird. Her skull is significantly smaller than the other kittens. I have to root for the underdog....undercat I mean.
I feel she has her very best chance right where she is with her natural mom and her siblings.
I tell myself to just let her be. So she's Bea, Beatrice. Go Bea GO!


Katherine said...

The scarf is beautiful! Great colors! For the shawl you might look for a yarn with some silk in it for an elegant touch.

Poor little Bea. She is indeed where she needs to be--with her Mom and with our loving Kathyb. With such support I know she will thrive!

SissySees said...

I've always loved the name Bea... Go, Bea GO!

Love the lace. Look at you!!

Pick a yarn and colorway that make you happy.

Grace said...

not seeing any pictures==poor me!

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