Sunday, May 22, 2011


My sister choose the yarns for her blanket. I am marathon knitting it while off this weekend.

Someday ribbing

Someday cherry tomatoes, seedlings

Someday Coke

Someday porch sitting

Someday walking

Someday campfire

how about your somedays?


Nancy said...

Wow, that blanket looks really soft and cuddly. From the needle peeking over the left corner, I'd say it's about a size 40. Right?

Hmmm, someday I will go to England and wander the moors. Today, I am sitting on my front step soaking up the sunshine and dreaming.

Ling said...

Your blanket looks good. You're making good progress!

Someday I will finish my blankets.
Someday (very soon) I will have a bit more time on my hands.
Someday I'll get to meet you! ;)

Linda said...

Love the look of that blanket!

My someday is:
Someday climbing a a hike in the mountains!

Someday a walk on the Great wall of at Golden China!

Anonymous said...

Someday in Philadelphia. Today in Orlando. :-(

The blanket looks SO snuggly!

Anonymous said...

Snooks will become socks, of course. LOL Sometimes I think that is all I knit. ;-)

Channon said...

Someday, I'll finish my UFOs... today, I am pondering a new project.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

The blanket looks comfortable :-)

Someday...I stop dreaming and make them all come true! LOL

Katherine said...

The blanket looks so warm and cuddly! I would love to have one like it to snuggle up in today. It is raining hard and we had hail a little while ago. Someday sunshine! (But not tomorrow).

Alyssa said...

Someday, garden... today, tin cans and pepper seeds.
Someday, house... today, studio.
Someday, vacation... today, work.


Grace said...

someday chicago today lake hiawatha
someday sun today more rain
someday ice cream today yogurt

love the blanket!!!

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