Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joany B's Water Tower stitching

Joany was working on the collar of her zippered sweater vest one minute and the next thing I know, she's needlepointing the Chicago Water Tower. My sister in Minnesota, painted the Water Tower in watercolors in High School. It is now a lovely part of her home.

I always thought the Water Tower was lovely. A bit of research, however, taught me that it has been criticized for it's lack of beauty! It is the second oldest Water Tower in the United States. (The oldest is in Lousiville) It is one of a few buildings that survived the 1871 famous Chicago Fire. And, just so I sound so know it all......it is built of yellowing Joliet limestone.

The funniest thing I learned about the Chicago Water Tower, which is located at 806 North Michigan Avenue along the Magnificent Mile, is that it apparently has inspired the White Castle
Restaurant buildings. Sliders....and all.

It now serves as part of the Chicago Office of Tourism. There you have it. I actually taught something on this blog.....
but it wasn't knitting.

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Channon said...

What?! I've always thought it was impressive too, especially for a a water tower. I challenge anyone to look at that needlework art and say it's not a beautiful bit of architecture!

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