Monday, May 16, 2011

Bloggus interruptus

When blogger went DOWN on us last week, I think my heart skipped a beat...or two.
Serious PVC pauses were happening......
What.... no blogger?
No way to post?
No way to read my pretend friend's thoughts???
It felt a bit alarming.
Didn't it????

Here's a little secret: I LOVE TO POST. Yup. I love it. Makes my day. Every time.

Today's little post picture is the hat I am almost finished knitting. It needs a tassel.
A simple tassel. THis single simple finishing touch will take me weeks to finish. I am
certain of it.
As much as I love to post, I hate to finish. I am just not good at finishing skills and they
are crucial to the final knit project. I don't sew buttons on well, I don't do zippers, I
have barely mastered a mattress stitch and I three needle bind off whenever I can.
The knitting part, I adore. The finishing.... not so much..
How about YOU?


Beverly said...

I think the fact that I sewed long before I started knitting has helped my finishing. I don't mind finishing at all. I look forward to it.

The only thing that seems to hold me up is blocking lace. I tend to let it marinate for a while even though once I start it sails right along.

Nancy said...

I do not like to stitch (seam) knitted items together, and for that reason, I try to knit in the round whenever I can.

Channon said...

I don't like seams. Period.

Like that yarn though. Pretty.

Judy S. said...

Cute hat. I am a big procrasinator when it comes to finishing....a sweater's waiting now in pieces. Have a quilt waiting for a binding too. Glad to know blogger wasn't just picking on me last week. Did your friend knit up those NB booties? I am very curious if she got tiny results also!

Scrabblequeen said...

Cute little hat. I've never made a tassel, or a pompom. My idea of finishing is end with a little longer i-cord than you have, and tie a knot in it! I hate seams with a passion and nearly always knit in one piece/in the round to avoid them.

sapphireblue said...

I don't like tucking in strings.

Linda said...

Cute hat! I'm not a knitter, but I love to sew and I do have projects of all sorts not finished! Thanks for coming by my site...I enjoyed your visit? Are you from Minnesota? That's where all my family is husband's too!

Marguerite said...

I am perfectly capable of knitting something and throwing it in a pile where it waits for years to be assembled.

I always have some kind of good excuse for this behavior. My favorite excuse is that I have something on the needles that I need to be knitting.

Marguerite said...

Almost forgot to tell you I love that hat just the way it is. The yarn is so pretty.

kathy b said...


THANKS, With your kind comment permission, I am finished. Not giving it a tassel afterall. My friend, teacher Karen was over this morning and she had the same thought as you! so it is an FO! Hooray!
(enablers.....I love you both)

kathy b said...

Judy S

Karen got tiny bootie results too. Adorable, but tiny. She says to use sport weight next time......

Dee said...

Cute, cute hat. You know what that says? It's "two" cute!

Me? I hate ribbing. UGH! But, I guess my socks just wouldn't stay up without it.

Katherine said...

I'm not fond of finishing either so I do it as soon as I finish a project. If I put it off for even 24 hours it will not get done.

Just when I think I have mastered mattress stitch something goes terribly wrong! Every sweater I've made looks good in some spots and not so good in others. I definitely need classes!!

Katherine said...

AND, I agree--the hat is perfect just the way it is!! Love the colors!

Alyssa said...

Haha, I got a little freaked out, too! Thankfully all my blog posts got to come back, but my comments were all eaten :( Boo!

Oh, also, my feed was crowded with posts I had already read!

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