Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Light post

The light in the chicken coop was lovely this afternoon.
I could have used a light layer of sunscreen whilst outside knitting with Lisa today.
The light is at the end of the first TOAST tunnel.
A light shawlette named : elefantenkringle is next on my personal queue.
Candlelight is softer than any electric light.
We had a light dinner of chicken salad with nuts, raisins and carrots.
Cub baseball is under the lights tonight....I am so happy to have baseball back.
There are far too many stoplights in our town.
Do you watch Friday Night Lights?
Can you recommend a light hand lotion for these still scratchy hands?
Comments light up my life!



Beverly said...

Love the play on "light" and yes I do watch Friday Night Lights. I hate that this is the last season.

me said...

sweet thoughts on lights - very sweet!
As for light hand lotion, I have 2 recommendations: Lo-Lo bars by BarMaids (360)607-3503 in Brush Prairie, Washington (I'd bet they have a website); and Quilters Moisturizing Bar, through Heirloom Stitches. Both of these bars soften your hands, and you can knit immediately after application, not greasy at all!

Katherine said...

I love Origins ginger hand cream!

Could never "get into" Friday Night Lights. I've been turning off the TV and reading a lot lately. Just finished Lincoln Lawyer and recommend it even if you have seen the movie. Nothing to do with lights--just saying.

Channon said...

Lovin' Lavishea lotion bar, and I always have Wolfe Farms floral scents on hand...

Grace said...

everytime I buy a new lotion, I use it for a few days, love the results and then it just stops working, I used to have the softest skin but menopause has ruined it for me

We are having chicken salad tonight (I Hope) with nuts and grapes in it. I am so close to that 100 lbs lost mark and I want to get there soon so I am being really good this week!!!

I have to look up that shawl pattern you mentioned, do you have a link?

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