Sunday, April 03, 2011

The finished tie, is presented to you tied.
I will be sending it off to Zach this week.
I loved this yarn. The tie will be great with a blue jean shirt or a black shirt.
I never paid attention to how long ties are...
They are over 50 inches long.
That's a lot of going round and round on little double points.
It was worth it. I am really happy with the outcome.

The pattern was from KNIT TWO TOGETHER by Tracy Ullman.
I may have to knit another tie for fireman.
The images don't show that the tie is one long rectangle with no pointy end.
The tie ends in a flat that is the same width as the rest of the tie.

I never thought I'd knit a tie
I never thought I'd even try
But try and knit a tie
and you may sigh
and never every buy
another kind of fabric tie.

Father's Day gifts anyone?
(Berocco Sox 1810 was the yarn I used. Someone put it in the swap box...who who who ??? I love it)



Karezybear said...

LOVE! the tie. It looks great. I sure Zach will wear it proudly.

Channon said...

Heck with man-ties... it reminds me of the knit ties I sported in the early '80s. I might have to buy the book just so I can knit a tie.

Of course, I also have a belt to crochet and I haven't done that yet...

Grace said...

wow that just seems so Zach---great tie my friend!

Nancy said...

Great yarn choice!

sapphireblue said...

That looks great!

Katherine said...

LOVE IT!! I would never have thought of knitting a man's tie. DH would wear it with pride. Must do. Thanks Kathy.

Dee said...

Cool! I love the colors!

Beverly said...

The tie looks great. I know someone who has been asking me to knit them a Clemson University tie for the longest so seeing yours I may finally give it a try.

What yarn did you use?

kathy b said...

Berooco SOx 1810 is the sock yarn that was so great for this tie! IT was a skein put I got in the swap from someone....who who who put it in there??

Zach said...

I will wear it proudly! I'll have to get a black shirt to go with it now that cat hair is no longer a threat.

Judy S. said...

Nice! And you reminded me that I got some tie yarn a long time ago; wonder where it is? Although I love your yarn choice; Beroco Sox offers a great selection. Fuster is amazing!

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