Friday, March 18, 2011

Transformed into Sock Yarn Scrap Bag Cowl

So it was a nice shawlette before I frogged it, I agree. BUT, isn't the cowl awesome???? It is a gift and will be given shortly. I love this simple pattern of Dorisann's called the Sock Yarn Scrap Bag cowl. It is a freebie on Ravelry.

I've cast another on, in washable acrylic Vanna's choice for ME! Karen and I had a private lesson yesterday and I learned lots. I learned how to cast on an appoximate number of stitches based on the size of the finished garment with a different yarn. I was able to put it into play last night. THe original pattern calls for thin sock yarn and the cast on is 120 stitches.
THe Vanna's choice is sport weight so I used Karen's formula, (inches of garment times 3.5 = Number of stitches to cast on) and I got 88.

I cast on 88 and then knit a few test rows. I took it off, popped it over my head, to make sure it was size worthy and yes it was!

Have you used this formula before? Karen also taught me to pick up dropped garter stitches. I knew how to pick up in stockinette, and NOW I know the little bit trickier fix for garter. Since I LOVE me some garter this will be hugely helpful to me in the future.

She also taught me how to add buttons to my blog side bar.

Want a great teacher? Karen is that and more!



Grace said...

just lovely cowl you knit there. I am so glad you had a great day and good lessons.

C.C. Almon said...

Beautiful! No, I've never tried to convert a pattern. Sounds interesting!

Nancy said...

Looks great!

I've never heard of the technique, but it's worth a try.

Channon said...

Great cowl! I'm glad you had a wonderful lesson too.

pam said...

so pretty!

Ann said...

I'm so glad to see that the yarn I put in the box turned into something so beautiful - I have two more skeins, I think I might do the same thing with it!

And - how can I get a knitting lesson with Karen???

sapphireblue said...

Someone is going to be a lucky recipient. Looks nice a soft.

Katherine said...

Can I borrow Karen? It's so nice to have someone teach us new techniques! I'm always changing yarns on projects and usually make a mess of things. I will try Karen's method for sure.

I love the cowl. That yarn was meant to be a cowl. Yes, it was beautiful as a shawl but the cowl is perfect. What a great gift it will be!!

artichoke said...

Very nice!

PS. I found out about the day of silence after I had already put together a post, but decided to take part anyway. I hope my "what they wore: st patrick's day edition" post isn't toooo far away from the holiday :P

DorisAnn said...

Hi, I really love your blog-spot! It's so interesting to read about your knitting life. Thank you for inviting me to see your site. You did great justice to my cowl pattern! Those are my favorite color combinations also. I just finished a shawlette in looks like the same yarn you have used. It was a freebie on Ravelry called,"Multnomah". By Kate Flagg : It is a dream to knit as it has lovely garter stitch. Keep knitting and thanks again.

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