Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Please help Fireman

He cannot get on youtube anymore. ......on our Mac
Did this happen to any of you???


Nancy said...

I have a Mac and just checked YouTube without a hitch. Good Luck finding the problem.

Zach said...

Fireman (aka my father) should switch your computer's web browser to google chrome.

Katherine said...

I had a problem about a year ago. Couldn't get YouTube to load on Internet Explorer so I switched to Mozilla Firefox and it works fine. I also have no problem loading it on Safari.

Allison Jo said...

Oh no! Can't watch Charlie Sheen on 20/20?

Kathryn said...


Anonymous said...

In regards to your comment on No Sticks:

That sand art is my very own. LOL It didn't last long before the waves took it away though.

When you get to the desert all you need is the sand and a big bucket of water and you can make your very own sand art.

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