Saturday, March 26, 2011

MIdwest Girl falls in love with Desert

We just returned from Arizona. I was overwhelmed with the beauty, the blue skies, the warmth, and the desert. I had never been there and was completely taken with it. Sedona was amazing of course. Maybe the VORTEX got to me. I dont know, but it was 5 very amazing days surrounded by new beauty for me.

I knitted at the Cubs/White Sox game at Hohokam park. GO Cubbies, we did win! IT was so warm at the game, at only 78 desert degrees, that I had to go cool off in the ladies room twice. I knitted the colorful STR cowl often during the trip.

I am a nervous traveler and knitting calms me down. In crowds, I really search for my knitting to settle me. I broke my needles yesterday before we left the resort. I broke the tip off my plastic circulars. I was able to keep knitting as long as I moved all the stitches so the active tip was in my right hand I am right handed.

The desert flowers were just starting to bloom. Amazing. THey reminded me of delicate poppies here.

I did hit one knit shop! Knit Happens in Scottsdale. One lady there Barbie was exceptionally
nice. THat is where I bought the begonia pink yarn

Happy Saturday it is back to work for me tonight. I am ready. I love to come home too!


Channon said...

We did Phoenix-Sedona-Grand Canyon for our honeymoon. I was already a Scottsdale fan, but we haven't been back since. Miss it. Sigh.

Nancy said...

Did you soak up enough sun and heat to tide you over until Spring arrives in your area?

Dang, a broken needle! What no duct tape or super glue in the vehicle.

Welcome home.

Katherine said...

So glad you enjoyed Arizona! I wish you could have checked in on Yuma. I haven't been there for 34 years, since I moved my Mom and Dad to Chicago with us. I know it is a whole different town from the one DH and I grew up in.

Ling said...

Glad you had such a fab trip! I'd love to visit the desert too!

sapphireblue said...

There's a rugged beauty about the desert. I'm glad you got to see some beautiful sites.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful! It sounds like you had a great vacation!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

The cactus flower is beautiful. We saw cactus on Saturday. They had buds, but weren't near to blooming yet.

Z of ZKNITZ said...

i had been to sedona years ago, but i wasn't a knitter or crocheter yet. i took a red rock home with me. it was a nice little get away at the time.

welcome back.

Grace said...

you sneaky little traveler you!!! Glad you had a good trip!

Beverly said...

Your trip seems great. I'm going to have to visit AZ. I really want to visit Sedona.

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