Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baseball knitting heating up....

*Oh yes I am going to do it again this year, and root for our Cubs.
*I love to knit to baseball games
*The boys of summer are fun to watch
*My goal: go to a Stitch n Pitch game...soemwheres
*I should start knitting a blanket in April during the first freezing days
and keep it on my lap
*Who is your team?
*What do you think of us Cub fans?
BE honest. Are we whiney?
WE do think we have the greatest field in baseball that is certain!



Jennifer said...

Let's go Mets! I've already started the Stitch & Pitch from my living room sofa while we've been watching the spring training games. It's a great way to combine both BF and my passions. Baseball is the best knitting sport ever!

pam said...

and Fenway is a pretty rockin field. just sayin ;)
however, NEVER watch a Sox game on Fox, they hate us.

Patt said...

I used to be a "Bleacher Bum" in the 70's!

kathy b said...


I thought FOX was only mean to us, the Chicago teams1 I feel for you and relate!

Channon said...

I'm a lost fan these days. I was a Braves fan for years, in no small part because of the Richmond Braves. Now, they're the Squirrels and affliated with the Giants. Hrmph. Hard to get excited when the Majors are across the country.

A neighbor-boy was drafted by the Rockies. A teenage BFF's brother works for the Rockies. Makes it hard not to follow them, but they're NEARLY a country away.

Leslie said...

As a White Sox fan, I've knit my way to, from and during their games. You'll have to come to the Cell for Stitch and Pitch. I've gone the last 5 years and it's a blast! We'll even let a Cub's fan sit with us!

Grace said...

Lets Go Yankees--not a fan really but future son in law is huge fan soooooo growing up was the METS all the way AHHHH Jim Hickmen, Tug Mc Graw, they were Mets that were Mets.

Kathy wasn't my car this time, just my poor neighbors.

Scrabblequeen said...

This will be our third year of attending River Cats (AAA) Stich N Pitch. As for Major league...Go A's!!

Katherine said...

Big time Cubs fan here!! Are we whiny? Of course not! We are the most soft spoken, non-verbally abusive BB fans in the world. Just ask any White Sox fan.

I LOVE knitting to baseball!

Ann said...

I am in Chicago, and would love to go to a Stitch n' Pitch with you - let me know a date! (preferably a Cubs Stitch n' Pitch)

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