Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's not to love...pre Valentine's Post

This is the start of my knitted vest. Karen of is writing the pattern for me. Oh big needles, I heart you.....

This amazing painting was created by my friend Larry. He is Vietnam Vet who paints for his ongoing struggles for peace of mind. I heart Larry. He is a hero to me. I heart heart heart this painting of the wolves.....

I heart these darn candies. I cannot stop eating them. They don't all taste the same to me either. I heart the oranges, purples and whites the most.

Some other things I heart:

I heart wine tastings.......
I heart you all who are in the Take and Replace Swap....I am so happy it is moving along well
I heart all of your knit blogs. I really try to read them all and leave you comments.
I heart vacation is one for me!
I heart benadryl.....I'm someone who is a big reactor......I mean skin wise you sillies....I react to bug bites like they are all from brown recluse spiders...I react to some medicines...I react to all kinds of stuff. I'm hivey today.... Don't know why...but I know the benadryl will help!
I heart THE CIVIL WARS. Have you heard this incredible duet sing? Oh my .... I had to buy their newest CD. THey are so fun to watch if you google them too.
I heart giving flowers. Gave my sister in law some mini roses in a plant for her birthday yesterday.....roses in winter....growing in a pot! We live in an incredible day and age
I heart Fireman, of course
I heart forums on Ravelry
I heart knitting by the fireplace
I heart the saying "there it goes" I live by it. Even this week when I stepped in something I cannot discuss here, and my favorite knitted socks got ruined. I had to just breathe and say , There it goes. Everything some point. I will live to knit another pair of favorites...I heart this.....

Tell me what you heart!!!! Happy Valentines Day weekend



Cell Phone With Camera Flash said...

What you’re saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I also love the images you put in here. They fit so well with what you’re trying to say. I’m sure you’ll reach so many people with what you’ve got to say.

Channon said...

Vest and painting are both impressive!

I've lost my sweet tooth. Seriously. I didn't have my high-fiber waffles this morning because I didn't have a banana to put on top and syrup didn't appeal. WHAT?!

I use "bless and release" for those situations I can't change.

I lurvers reading blogs on Saturdays with the wee one in my lap and Sis's big ol' head on my knee.

I lurvers that my fave aunt, uncle and cousin love the Knight at least as much as they love me.

I lurvers my bloggy friends and the local friends too.

... just to name a few.

Judy S. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! You're a brave one, ice fishing in the cold cold of Illinois. Our DD#1 lives near Mundelein, and we're hoping the snow will be gone by our next March. Stop laughing.

Karen said...

What a beautiful painting. I completely understand what he does - knitting is my therapy.
The candies don't all taste the same to me either. I like the orange and yellow and purple.
My mantras are the serenity prayer, and "It is what it is".
I hope your hivi-ness gets better quickly.

Katherine said...

You chose one of my passions! I heart wolves in a big way. I have prints on walls, books on the coffee table and on shelves. Big, Big passion!
I heart candy hearts but right after candy corn.
Most of all I heart my JRT Macy!!

Thanks for the link to The Civil Wars. They are great.

kathy b said...

I love the bless and release mantra!

Katherine I had no idea you loved wolves. I'll email a painted tile that we purchased in wisconsin a few years ago. THe painter/artist is barbara culp. She does images for Cabella
s store magazine....

sapphireblue said...

The art work is so beautiful! Very expressive. I heart Netflix on the Wii.

Grace said...

I love the idea of a heart post, I am going to steal it!!!!

So happy you got vest instructions that you are in love with!!!! If you ever want a cardigan one, after you do this one, let me know and I will forward it on!!

Alyssa said...

I heart my boyfriend :) We don't have a lot of time for eachother this week (It's the week before the end of the quarter, so there's much studying/group projects) so we're making this week Valentine's Week, and trying to make the moments we have together romantic.

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