Thursday, February 03, 2011

Today's Post is A POP QUIZ.....get out your pencils......

1. If there is snow in your grocery cart it must mean:
a)you should buy champagne to keep cold in the cart
b) there is so much snow outside they had to put it in carts to
clear the parking lot
c)you are seeing things, and should not shop right now

2. There is only one week left until:
a)Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
b)Kathy b goes ice fishing with fireman
c)my very first colonoscopy

3)The gorgeous skein of yarn shown
a) is a MooseManor handpaint of Betty's
b)belongs to me now
c)is on its way to my house in the mail
d)all of the above

4)Major Jennifer's Takes from the Green team will involve:
a)another wonderful Wallaby in cotton yellow
b)teaching someone new to knit with cute plastic needles
c)replacing with wonders for Nancy to choose from in WY next
d)all of the above

5)The prize for the charity cat knits drive should be:
a) Sock yarn
b) a knitting book
c) paprika
d) a gift certificate to MooseManor handpaints

6)The first appliance to bother fireman in the new kitchen is:
a) the stainless steel microwave
b) the stainless steel dishwasher
c) the stainless steel fridge

7) Kathy b's homework before buying a new mattress involved:
a)Consumer Reports
c)asking Ravelry members if they liked their mattresses

8)The amount of snow that fell in Chicago during snowpocalypse was
a) who cares, Kathy b didnt have to shovel
b) 17 inches
c) enough to cover the statue of St. Francis in the sideyard

That's it. Pencils down. Turn in those papers.
Did you get any right? What did you guess?

I talk more in the comments!


Marguerite said...

Are the answers somewhere? Some are obvious, but other leave me wondering - like how can a fireman be bothered by an appliance?

kathy b said...

Dear Marguerite

THe answers will be discussed in class tomorrow > Haha. Of Fireman can be bothered by an appliance alright!

Dorothy said...

I think any cart with snow in it is begging for champagne and oysters!

I'm getting really excited for the green team's box to make it to my house!

Grace said...

very interesting!!! I love the idea of paprika as a gift where did you ever come up with that one!!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

You have email...LOL!

Yarn Miracle said...

I had answers for them all, but I can't remember anything but:


I mean, MooseManor gift certificate...

I gotta dig out my acrylic.

Channon said...

LOL... The first photo reminds me of our private cooler last year as the board helped set up for our big fundraiser gala. Hem. ;)

And there's no doubt in my mind... appliances can definitely trouble a firefighter!!!

Alyssa said...

I definitely think sock yarn as a prize :)

And, did you set fire to something!?

Elizzabetty said...

Champagne in the snow! Why didn't I think of that? Makes my whole backyard look more attractive--and useful... ;-)

kathy b said...

HEre are the answers!

you should buy champagne if there is snow in your cart!
moosemanor handpaints yarn is the prize for my charity cat blanket knitters.

all of the above for Major Jen. (a wallaby for sure)

The dishwasher is driving Fireman nuts...too loud, the appliance people are coming next week.....

17 inches of snow fell in my town
and covered up St. Francis

and Alyssa you are hyesterical I did not set fire to anything .......Love it

kathy b said...

oh and ice fishing in a week!
and I did ask people on Ravelry how they liked their mattresses and got over a hundred thoughts and responses . WOW. I was shocked

Katherine said...

Did you consider Sleep Number? I didn't see the Ravelry discussion but I would have recommended Sleep Number over anything else!!! We have never slept better!

Beth said...

I put the yellow cotton in.

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