Saturday, February 26, 2011

Marguerites Red team picks...and we have a winner

Here are Marguerite's wonderful Red Team Picks. Love that yarn. I also laugh myself silly with that Yarn Harlot book .....and we have a winner

The Green Team box arrived at my house this afternoon, Saturday. Everyone has been so great about this swap. 2 boxes, 17 states and 21 knitters. I am eagerly awaiting the red team box coming home too.

Im making myself wait to open the time before I head to work now....

HAPPY HAPPY knitting to everyone who played!

I'll pick a winner from the Green team on Monday when I wake up ......keep your knit fingers crossed for yourselves!

as always
going on and on
kathy b


Nancy said...

Yea, Green Team!

The swap was a lot of fun.

I can't wait to see what was in the box when it arrived at your house.

Kim said...

Thank YOU for taking charge of this entire adventure!

Katherine said...

Go Green Team!! This has been so much fun. I loved seeing the put and takes! Thank you for organizing and overseeing.

Beth said...

Yeah, green! I don't know how you possibly have the patience to wait to open the box.

Barb said...

Oh....thanks for coming by my are a no reply but I think I can find the blog

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