Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lesley's Takes and Cheryl get ready for Red Team box!

The two Take and Replace boxes are nearly neck and neck. Green team is a tad ahead. Remember
the first team to get their box back to me, will get to be in the raffle for a fun prize.....

Lesley's takes are here and on her blog too. Love the yarn, the sock pattern. I put the crochet hook pad in there way back when! WHo put in that lovely yarn?

Get ready Cheryl, Lesley has already mailed the box on its way to you.

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Anonymous said...

In ref. to your question about the chickens ---

There are many roosters. Yes, there are eggs and throughout the warm weather lots of chicks. These definitely are growing flocks.

They are definitely a very popular icon for the town of Oviedo.,_Florida

If you scroll down on this link, you can read about the chickens.

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