Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swap update and Lynne's Keyhole Scarf

Lynne wanted me to test knit one of her new patterns. Lynne of I Was Knit Together in My Mother's Womb blog that is.
I chose the Keyhole scarf pattern. It was a breeze to knit. Lynne designed it to have a pocket for the scarf to slip through. Can you
see it in the image? I used Wool in the Woods Uptown. Dark colors with a sparkle in them. I am working on a hat with the leftover yarn to match.

The Red Team is slightly ahead of the Green team! Jennipur mailed the swap box out to Cathy B yesterday.

You know so many of those of us who are in the swap have blogs that are wonderful. Unfortunately most of them barely get visited I've noticed. If you go to the January 6th post where we all signed up, you can click on each other's names and go to some really awesome knit blogs. We all love a comment. It is my hope that the swap will help us find each other's blogs as well. C'mon ........leave someone a comment. Go ahead, Make their day!

I talk more in the comments!


Katherine said...

Thanks for the new knit blogs to visit. I'll probably spend way too much time reading them today!

The scarf is beautiful--great colors!

Grace said...

don't worry when green team box gets to me I will mail it back out the same day!!
The scarf is great, love that yarn

Channon said...

Nice scarf. I've wondered about that design... Guess I need to knit one and figure it out.

Kathy said...


i will let you know when Lynne has her pattern available. It is really straightforward and a simple effective design.

Alyssa said...

Awwwh, thanks for promoting other people's blogs :) I love a good comment!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm glad Grace is going to do my Take Five. It's a very easy pattern. Hope you'll give it a try some day.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Key hole scarfs are such a great accessory piece! I love the wool you used ~ it looks rustic and beautiful.

PS I love anise too ;)

Lynne said...

Yay!!! How different it looks when you use a more textury yarn and eliminate the poms! Nicely done, Kathy b. Thanks for the review and for the email updates on your progress. I'll be putting up the final pattern very soon.

Fur Scarves said...

This is simply beautiful. The hand knitted woolen scarves look good. I always had a perception that only ready made scarves like fur scarves and silk scarves look good. But now I change my views.

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