Thursday, January 27, 2011

More things I love

*Another fabulous Fadeeva: Momma cat and kittens. How does she do this?

*my new owl stitch markers from Allison at

*my still new i-pod. I don't have to watch TV that Fireman wants to watch, I just plug in my i-pod and knit away

*a dusting of new snow....we are lucky to be getting this kind of every other day or so snow in Chicago this year

*square easy on the hands.

*Opi new no chip manicures.... yup they didnt chip for nearly two weeks. Love it!

*not being afraid to fly anymore! Spring break here I come...let's make it two years in a row.

*honesty from knit friends. So important , even if it disappoints from time to time.

*Patterns that mean no color pooling! ( My current Seaman's scarf in a fake cable pattern fits this bill. )

*Somewhere Over the Rainbow sung by the late Eva Cassidy

*Mr. Cardinal brought Mrs to the feeder today for the first time since we put it up a week ago

*Black capped chickadees in my neighborhood in abundance again. (West nile tore their numbers down a few years ago)

*and lastly, for now, bringing my lavendar heated neck pillow to my cold bed at night........ahhhh zzzzzzz

*PS KIM got the Red Team Box and played along. Sarah get ready she is sending it on its way to you now!
I talk more in the comments!


Anonymous said...

The owl stitch markers are adorable!!!

Beverly said...

The owls are adorable and the cat and kittens just plain amazing.

Alyssa said...

Those owls are super cute!

Grace said...

love the thngs you love, its fun to see!!!

any updates on the red and green box, like where they are now??

Karen said...

Those stitch markers are the absolute cutest!!!! Snow?? Ugh, we've got more snow here than anyone could possibly love.

Ling said...

Ooh - lovely things!

kathy b said...


Beth is watching the mail for the box. She is hoping it arrives today Friday. SHe'll let us know right away! She's a lucky one to be after you!

Katherine said...

The little stuffed kitties are so sweet with their little smiles!

I know what you mean about the iPod--I use mine everyday and couldn't do without it!

The Cardinals are so beautiful! Mr. Cardinal knows he is a pretty bird, but my favorite is the lady!! She is such a pretty green.

Channon said...

No chip manis? Really? I might have another mani some day if that's true...

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