Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Alpaca Sock and my favorite Socks book

This post is kind of dedicated to Grace of LovinComfort blog fame. Grace is an incredible lace knitter and she is just now delving into the world of knitting socks. I can only imagine she'll be onto lace sock patterns before we know it and wow-ing us as always.

Here are some of my suggestions for Grace. Please add yours in the comments!!!

Oh, these are SOX in an alpaca blend. The colors are pooling in a way I usually only hope for. This is the first time
I have loved pooling in anything I've knit up! The close up of the pooling isn't really true to color. I used the saturation
feature on iphoto so you could see it better. The colors are very true in the image with the SOCKS book under the knit.

okay here goes:

*My favorite sock book is a little pamphlet by M. Joan Davis of Northport Maine.
M. Joan goes through the generic sock pattern in two sizes and two tension gauges. Her notes are highlighted in bold.
She offers four heel flap instructions: Dutch, French, Shaped Common and Half Handkerchief
She offers four toe instructions: Flat, Round, Shortened Flat and Wide toe
Grace these Hungarian fat little D width feed love a round toe knit up.
M. Joan also incliudes a few sock patterns for adventure: A baby argyle, Aran Socks, and a Fair Isle sock
This book is all you'll need to more than get started on SOCKS

*I love self patterning fake fair isle yarns for socks. There out there in abundance and a bargain I think.

*I have to say my Knitpicks sock yarns felted, although they were so called machine wash......

*I prefer little wooden size ones and threes in needles
for most of my socks.

*I prefer solid or semisolids for socks with lace patterns. I feel the socks loose their pattern in a busy colorway
and you may as well not go through the trouble of lace if no one can see it and appreciate it.

*It is really a good idea to buy clogs and show off your socks when you are a sock knitter.

*My 4 year old neice once begged me for a pair of hand knit socks. I spent good energy and money on
Lorna's laces purple and pinks. THey knit up beautifully. When I gave them to her, she looked at them briefly , tossed
them aside and coudln't recall asking for them. I love her. It was the last pair I knit for a child!

*Some yarns I love for socks: Lorna's Laces, Socks that Rock, Mountain colors, Sox, Cherry Tree Hill.

*Prepare to fall head over heels (pun intended) with sock knitting Grace.

*I have never mastered socks on circulars, no do I care to. I admire those who do.

*The world of Emily's Wee Tiny Sock Swap will open up to you once you knit socks Grace!

*I almost always knit short socks. Anklets if you will. I have too large calves to bother using
all that yarn to cover them up under blue jeans.

*All socks look good with blue jeans!

*I wash all of my handknits socks together. I put them in the washing machine. I dry them on our
radiators. If you don't have radiators I am sorry. Get rid of that nasty forced air, and put in radiators.

*Turning a heel is no big deal. IT just feels like magic.......

Help me out here pretend friends, add your tips for Grace please!

I talk more in the comments!


Dee said...

1. If you are a tight knitter metal needles don't bend as much as bamboo, but bamboo is kinder to your hands/wrists.

2. Stitch markers are an absolute necessity --- pretty ones just make the knitting so much funner. (Yes, I said funner.)

3. If you have any problems, Grace --- give me a yell. I'm there to help, if I can.

4. Once you wear handknit socks, store bought just won't do and you'll want to slug anyone that suggests that socks are socks are socks. YOU'LL know different.

Sue said...

Love the twins in your header, but we want to see their fronts, too.

Kathy said...

Thanks SUe! But I pulled them off google images......

Beverly said...

1. Don't be afraid to try different heels and toes. It's worth it to find the one that works for you.

2. I love toe-ups. If you running short of yarn they are best because you can try them on as you go.

3. If you aren't on Ravelry join. There are tons of free sock patterns.

4. If you love them enough you'll eventually get a hole in a pair. I save my leftovers just for those.

5. My favorite yarns are MC Bearfoot, Miss Babs Yummy, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock.

6. All variegateds arent' created equally. Some of them are gorgeous.

7. Try all the knitting techniques. You never know what you might love. Magic Loop is perfect for traveling. You don't have to worry about dropping a needle.

8. Have fun and enjoy!

Marguerite said...

Hi Kathy! Got your message about the gansey sock pattern, but I don't have your email. Help.

knittingviolet at gmail com

Channon said...

If Grace is reading, don't assume that because you knit loosely with lace shawls that you will knit loosely on socks. I have TIGHT tension on socks, for some odd reason, and socks alone.

Try all the different needle options - dpns, two circs, magic loop, super-shorty circ - until you find what works for you.

Have fun!! I'm sure you'll be a great sock knitter in no time.

Lynn said...

I agree with what you've said!! I LOVE knitting socks and agree that once Grace has a couple under her belt, its all over!! LOL

Katherine said...

I would advise Grace not to learn sock knitting the way I did it--trial and error (lots of errors). I did, however, learn the "what not to do" right along with the "to do."

My Knit Picks sock yarn felted also, but I can wash and dry Blue Moon's Socks That Rock without worry.

I think every knitter has to find the heel and toe that is right for them, again trial and error. Mine is a toe tapered almost to a point due to my long narrow feet. (Unfortunately the feet are the only things that are narrow about me)!

Can't do toe up--don't ask me!! The same for two circs and magic loop. It's dpns all the way and if you want hand comfort, well, there's always Comfort Zone!! (Forgive the blatant advertising)!

Grace said...

You are all so sweet, I do own 5 pair of knitted socks, my friend Jennifer knit 2, my friend Dee knit 2, I got a pair form Ghislaine oh and a pair in a swap (make that 6) and I LOVE them all, so I will be knitting socks. I will look for that book Kathy it sounds perfect. I have 2 charity shawls going and a pair of mitts, but next is socks, if I succeed I plan to do a pair every 2 months for this year, we shall see

Thanks to all for the encouragemnet!!! <3

Grace said...

just went on an internet spree to find the pamphlet you mentioned, no luck, any suggestions????

Ling said...

Wow - lots of good tips! Also, buy a darning mushroom - you'll be needing it.

Good luck and have fun, Grace!

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