Thursday, December 16, 2010

You never know where you'll meet a knitter

(Image of FIona not willing to model the gift scarf. I so miss Huck. He would model anything. Remember?)

We were shopping at REI yesterday and the sales clerk saw my wee tiny sock zipper pull. She was transfixed on it. She kept asking if I was sure it wasn't a Chihuahua bootie. I'm pretty darn sure it is a wee tiny sock swap zipper pull! She was a knitter and was so excited to hear of the swap. She told me how her family wants her to knit hats for them at a rate she cannot keep up with. I understood. Knitting is labor intensive, I said. She was so funny. It was as if she found someone who spoke her language. I encouraged her to learn to knit socks and make her own wee tiny sock for her Chihauhua.

Have you met a knitter where you least expected???

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Nancy said...

Last night was the final Advent service. I arrived early to take photos of the tree in the chapel, and a young woman was sitting in one of the pews, knitting. I stopped to visit with her and to admire her scarf: her first attempt at cables. I invited her to join our weekly knitting group but was so distracted that I didn't get a photo of her.

Katherine said...

I was knitting socks in the Doctor's waiting room a few weeks back. The woman sitting across from me said she also knits and then proceeded to tell me how I was doing it all wrong. I thanked her for her advice and then the woman sitting next to her said "Hmmmm. I thought she was crocheting.". Even DH got a good laugh out of it!

Beverly said...

I kip (knit in public) so often that I'm always running into knitters. More often though I run into people who knows someone in the family who knits or just want to oogle what's going on.

Some of the men tell there children I'm crocheting. One even said I was sewing but I always correct them.

The look on their faces when I'm using dpn's or a circular needle is priceless.

Channon said...

Neat! I met a local alpaca farmer's daughter at Tractor Supply when she spotted a hand-knit scarf...

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