Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bernat camouflage hat pattern ....done

The leftovers hat is done..... now to see if it suits Zach. It is wool so he cannot put it in the wash or it will felt. I like how it turned out. I used a free Bernat pattern in which they used a yarn called Camouflage. I don't remember what the leftover yarns were that I used. I will make the next hat in this pattern with a 92 stitch cast on to make it just a bit snugger in the ribbing. (Pattern called for 96 st cast on, but I can see it loosening up in time) I've picked a very masculine grey in Berroco Vintage machine washable blend for his next hat.

Somedays here in Chicago the weather is cool enough for hats again. I can bring his hat to him at school and make a good excuse out of it, to see him.

While I was at the knit shop buying the Berroco, Karen showed me the new needles they are carrying by Swallow. They are an Australian based company. The needles have some glide to them and a tiny bit of flex. I knit a bit with them and really was impressed. Karen says they were mentioned in Vogue Knitting recently. FYI, Karen says they don't make them in size 4s. You aren't supposed to expose them to no leaving them in the car I guess!

I talk more in the comments!


Channon said...

Very cute hat. My nephew has a ribbed hat in Paton's camo-hued yarn... and I have a second (and third even, maybe) ball for when he does felt it.

Grace said...

great hat, I made that one in Red Heart Camo for charity and like the way the pattern works Of course I knit so loose I went down two needle sizes!!

Jennifer said...

Kathy - great looking hat. I know it will get a lot of wear! I'm finally back in the knitting mode again with the feeling of fall in the air and that chill that always calls to my knitting mojo. Whew! I thought it was gone forever. I like your idea of knitting with leftovers. Mostly I've been making baby booties with leftover sock yarn. I might have to branch out at your suggestion. I know there's an amazing hat/scarf out there using leftovers. Here are the links:

Here's the scrappy hat -

and here's the scrappy scarf

Katherine said...

Wonderful hat and a great excuse to visit the boy at school--as if you need an excuse!

I used the Bernat Camo yarn for the man-mitts at Christmas two years ago. I thought it would be great for guys but I liked it too and made a pair for myself.

Grace said...

kathy Kathy Kathy come back to us we your pretend friends miss you so much!!!

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