Thursday, June 03, 2010

Almost ready to show some knitting

But not yet....sorry. I am hoping to sit and knit tonight because I want to finish the pair of socks I am working on.
I decided to show them to my sister. She said she loved the colors, so I told her I had her in mind for them. She was genuinely happy.

Next up is the self-striping blue and brown Opal skein.

Here our little green garden. This patch has been a hard working vegetable garden in the past. It moved on to a stunning wildflower patch. Now it is just hostas and ferns with a few flower pots. Mostly maintenance free. With Fireman
recovering and Cricket training and a busy busy few weeks, I am glad for the easy garden. :)

What are you glad for that is easy on you?

I talk more in the comments!


Katherine said...

So glad to hear you are making the socks for a happy recipient!

I love your work-free garden. It's beautiful!! I am happy about something similar--DH went to a meeting yesterday and came back with flowering hanging baskets. We had fun hanging them around the outside of the house and even put some on low hanging tree branches.

Channon said...

I suppose Gretchen is my glad it's easy on me. Sissy sure isn't these days, and knitting continues to elude me in favor of spinning.

Marguerite said...

Your garden looks cool and lovely.

It looks like it's going to rain and I hope it hurries up and does. The lawn needs mowing and I want a good excuse to not do it today.

Lynne said...

Actually, Kathy B, I think I like this reincarnation of the garden. In fact, you'll find that gardens increase in lovliness in direct proportion to the decrease in maintenance!

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