Thursday, May 06, 2010

Obedience class blues

You know every time I think Cricket and I are doing well with training, we go to class and well, we have a long way to go.
I think you can't expect too much after just 3 classes. (don't make excuses for your dog, our old trainer Gee would say!)
I think I had acid indigestion, no I know I had it, last night on the car ride home. The positives are: he got better as class went on instead of worse this time.

Knit to relax, knit to relax, knit to relax

Just when Cricket thought a tennis ball couldnt be more fun, someone shows up at the dog park with an orange tennis ball.....that squeeks. He was actually getting possesive over it and it wasn't even his.

KNit to relax, knit to relax, knit to relax

I'm off for a stretch from work. I've had a busy start to my time off; hoping to find some more knit time soon!

Are you knitting to relax????


I talk more in the comments!


Sara said...

I'm trying to knit to relax but sometimes it ticks me off!

Knitting Girl said...

I most definately knit to relax, after a long day of work or when take a break from studying!

Katherine said...

I wish I could get enough time to do some relaxing knitting but this week has had me tied in knots! Work and home have both caused great anxiety and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with lots of knitting and wish the same for you.

BTW Cricket will come around. We are finding that puppy Max is getting tired of being a renegade. Now he enjoys copying Macy's good manners. I have it! Maybe what you need is a second dog. LOL!!

Channon said...

If this is a second comment, please delete it, but I got an error message last time.

I've been spinning, because life is too complicated to knit right now. I'm hoping this weekend will fix that.

I'm also sure you and Cricket will work through this. They have rough teenage years too, sometimes...

Karen said...

Awww, poor little Cricket. I know he is trying so hard. He's just extra excited about good things!!

Beverly said...

Is this a trick question? I knit relaxed or not so I can't really tell the difference anymore.

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