Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Does this look like a summer jacket to you?

I know I said that I could knit that jacket. Truth is, I could. Reality is, there was no more yarn available in my colorway that I had purchased over 2 years ago. So I would have had to buy 3 new skeins at 37.00 a skein. You know I am far too frugal to do this . But I may budget for it, and make that darling jacket anyhow later.

Thankfully I had this WIck from knit one crochet too from a year or so back. The odd thing is, or maybe not, that it is very similar to the colorway of the Great Ad yarn for the jacket. Of course, it is an entirely different yarn but clearly my eyes are happy with greens and purples and pinks. This image is washed out from the full sun midday on the porch. The colors are really deeper and charming. I get to knit them on size 5 needles. It is so nice to SEE what I am doing. So far no arm/hand issues.

I have to give some updates here that are non knitting related.

The Hoover Flair vacuum for the wood and kitchen floors is just fine. Picks up little tumblehairs of Cricket's well . The likelihood that I will actually vacuum has risen exponentially since the purchase. All in all I am giving it a thumbs up.

I'm planting dahlia bulbs and tirgre something or other bulbs right now. I guess I'm into delaying the show until late summer and fall. My Columbine are about to flower. I have grown them from the seeds from my sister's plants. It has taken about 4 years to get them thick and lush and hearty. You are sure to see them in a blogpost soon.

Someone of you told me to plant dill to attract butterflies. Well, I planted seeds today. I broadcast them over a little hill we have in the garden. Long before we had Cricket, we knew of a Chicago Story that claimed that a Barnum Circus elephant died at a Chicago show one winter. The claim they brought the body to the lakefront and covered it with soil because it was too cold to bury the elephant in the frozen ground. So there is a bit of a big hill on the lakefront and some call it Cricket hill.
Well, we have a hill in the garden and guess who loves to stand there and overlook his yard? Yup. So we call it our own Cricket hill.

Off to knit on the porch and enjoy this gorgeous weather. 79 at 5 pm in Chicago. :)

I talk more in the comments!


Kathy said...

I forgot to say that the Elephant's name was
Cricket of course. Hence Cricket Hill

Channon said...

I have the same Wick variegated... I've only made pedicure socks with the Wick, so I'm curious...

Katherine said...

Your yarn colors are beautiful and the jacket will be as well. I also made socks with Wick and thought while I was using it that it might make a nice light weight tank or sweater.

Cricket has his own hill--lucky duck!! That's great as long as he can't jump the fence from the top of the hill. We have a neighbor dog who gets bored while his people are gone and jumps the fence from the top of his dog house. He visits Macy for a while and we take him home at least 3 times a week. Pups are so much fun!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Mitts or fingerless ones.... that is my guess

Safety Vest said...

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