Thursday, March 18, 2010

They really look better than this

My fingerless have become guantlets. I chose the thumb that made the length longer for the whole glove. I mean gauntlet.
So if you can see this, the cuff and hand portions are a waffleweave variation. The rest is beautiful boring straight knitting in the round. I continue to love the denim like color.

I cannot believe how time consuming this is. I want to run out and by something bulky for quick gratification. I won't . I will cast on for the second one today. I'll show them both to you when they are a pair. So you may have an abundance of not my current
project images on this old blog.

Today is the day I take down Grace's snowflakes. It is 2 days before meteorolic spring! St. Pat's is over, and you all know how much I love when it is over I love when I the snowflakes up on the tree, but I also love when it is time for them to sleep for 3 seasons.

I am on my way to the big city for the afternoon. It is great to have grown children that draw you into places you would otherwise not think too much about. I think I'll cast on during the drive down.

I have 17 minutes to get ready to go. Ta ta for now!
I talk more in the comments!


Karen said...

Hope you had a great trip to the city. Traveling is perfect for knitting!

Grace said...

You keep them up much longer then i do===snowflakes need to sleep so we can have a white Christmas next year

Channon said...

I hear you... I think part of the reason I crocheted that lapghan after finishing the laceweight shawlette was because it was fast, it was thick, and it was what I needed!

DrChopSuey said...

I love fingerless gloves/gauntlets... you'll find you like them... especially if you do a lot of typing! I wanted to ask, what yarn is that? The colorway is so pretty!

Kathy said...

Dr Chop Suey:

Araucania Ranco Color 317 if you want to know the real information. :)

Ling said...

Great gauntlets. Hope you enjoy them. And Spring! I love Spring!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Your gauntlets look beautiful! Have to knit a pair for myself soon... but first the shawl must get ready.

Katherine said...

Beautiful! I love the gauntlets. They will look so good with jeans.

Can you believe we survived the winter and spring is here? Today I'm thinking about what I'm going to plant.

Have fun in the big city. Wear your pretty gauntlets and you are sure to get rave reviews!

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