Saturday, March 20, 2010

A good day to be a snow drop

I don't worry about the snowdrops. Even with today's march winds and snow. I like thngs I don't worry about.

I dont worry about Al and her knitting. She hasn't really knitted much in the last 2 years. I know she can knit to the very difficult level and she'll never lose that skill. She has five or so, unfinished projects. More important that she finished school and is working and having social fun. She is not at a time in her life when she waits for others much. She is on the go at work and exhausted at home. Playing with a new kitten doesn't go too well with knitting. I'm not worried. She'll go back to knitting her wonderful knits. The great thing about knitting, it stands the test of time. It will be there, when she returns to it.

I'm not worried about the garden this spring. We planted mostly perienniels and that makes it so easy.

I'm not worried about what's for dinner anymore. We'll eat. I am sure of it.

I'm not worried about finishing my fingerless now that I've casted on the 2nd one and I'm on the easy stretch of stockinette!

What are you not worried about?????

I talk more in the comments!


Katherine said...

You are wise not to worry about Al. I stopped knitting for almost 5 years at one point in my life. If it's in the blood it is there forever!

I'm not worried about the rain today. It will stop eventually.

Marguerite said...

I'm not worried about the snow coming down today. It's supposed to warm up again starting tomorrow.

I'm not worried about getting the taxes done, but if I don't start seriously working on them I will have to start worrying soon.

Hippy Chick said...

I'm not worried about taking my medical transcription final exam. I will take it when I'm ready and even if I barely pass, I will be finished.

I'm not worried that I am not inspired to get any knitting projects going right now. I know that when an idea comes, I have plenty of yarn to get started.

What a great post. Thank you!

Sue said...

I'm not worried about cleaning the house today. The dust will still be there tomorrow. In fact if I do clean today, the dust will be back tomorrow, so why waste today?

Channon said...

I'm not worried about the Knight sleeping away the best first day of spring ever. The man got up, spent the morning with friends getting fitted for tuxes for Neighbor Guy's wedding, and even thought to bring me a Smoothing King liquid lunch at my scrap 'n stamp session.

In fact, I'm not worried about anything at all. It's too nice for that.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Cute, the snowdrops. I have crocus and daffodils in the garden on the front.

I am worrying a bit over my berry tree. I have the idea that the winter did no good to it

Grace said...

I wish I could say I am not worrying but I have lots of worries at the moment, I am happy everyone else has a few things they aren't worried about.

Oh I know what I am not worried about I am not worried about visiting your blog because I always know I will be entertained!!!

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