Thursday, January 28, 2010

When the hummingbird feeder freezes over.....

and it is 12 degrees out, but you are happy for the sunshine,
and you move the kitchen table so you can sit on the radiator while you
eat, knit, and correspond,
and the car window sticks so you have to get out at the drive through,
and you have to warm your coffee cup from the cabinet before you
use it,
and you bring the lavendar heat pack to bed with you, just to
warm your hands,
and the slightest bit of wind will search through your coat for a place
to chill,
it is the perfect time to keep knitting with wooly goodness.

As delighted as I am to be knitting alpaca sox, the progress is
measureable, but not picture worthy for the blog.

I'll be showing you many non yarn/project images as
we go along on my sock journey. Hope you don't mind.

If you want to share your knit images with me, I'll be happy
to put them on the blog. Shoot me an email with the image

Otherwise, I could show you the same sock over and over
again, on size 1 needles until they are finsihed.



sapphireblue said...

Progress photos are ok!

Channon said...

My feet are cold, and it's nice enough outside today. Note to self: wear wool socks tomorrow. I miss radiators. You could take a picture of that for me...

Elaine said...

Yeah - it's bitter here too. We had planned to go on a Nature Conservancy hike on Saturday. Signed up for it months ago, but the high is predicted to be in the teens - that's the high and when we leave a 9am, it will be no where near the high so even good peasant stock me is thinking I'll skip it. And we had snow this morning which isn't gone.

Donna Boucher said...

how i love alpaca.
our hummingbird feeder looks just the same.

Sue said...

You need ten dogs to sleep all around and on top of you. No three dog nights for us.

Grace said...

the winds are howling and the windchill here in jersey is in the single digits. The menopausal me wants to open all the windows but the once again sick hubby says no way

Katherine said...

Yes, I hate it when I do that but I still do it. That progress is hard fought and worthy of photos!

We are having some whacky weather here in Texas but not so bad that we have to get out at the drive through. Poor baby!

I understand the warmer in the bed thing because I have been sleeping with one of my shawls around my shoulders. Love Sue's dog idea--we need a few more dogs!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I just frogged and restarted a shawl and it was pretty good sized but it will only make me a better knitter;)lol Hugs Darcy

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