Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is a dog post on a knitblog

Knit content: I am working on the cable socks. I have not stopped or changed projects.

This image was sent to me by my sister. It is not my picture. Please do not use it for any commercial purpose. I am using it strictly to show its beauty and cleverness. And to make you smile.

Here is an excerpt from the Book IN THE COUNTRY by Arthur Miller. I clipped this from a magazine nearly 30 years ago and found it the other day .

Picture a basset hound sitting on the curve of a road.

"This dog, Hugo, saved lives by napping, in good weather, on the white line of the road outside his house.
Expecting to find him there, people slowed down coming around the curve. He died, remarkably of old age.
A well known traveler, he showed up on peoples porches eight and ten miles away, would climb into the open
door of any car, often undiscovered in the back seat only after hours of driving, but he always showed pleasure on being
returned. Suffered from reversal of instincts-would watch a rabbing go by, then rush in the opposite direction looking for its hole, would spend half a day outside and come indoors to relieve himself, barked at strangers only when they were leaving, and mated only with poodles. Gentle with small children, from whome he stole food, ice cream and dolls; terrified of the moon and falling rags. Faithless, morose, and unteachable, lived three years past normal maximum for his breed. Profound
bell-toned voice. Only known use as companion to aged people at whose feet he could sit sharing the view entire afternoons."


jingle said...

That is very creative and
impressive to me,

beautiful post.

Grace said...

thank you for the beautiful post and the wonderful picture I needed the flowers' DH is sick again so I had to done nurses outfit complete with cap and take care of him all day!!!

Katherine said...

I love Hugo. He lived a life that each of us could benefit from--friendly, interested in others, never chasing after things. Thanks for sharing this wonderful reminder of how sweet life can be if we just relax and take it as it comes!

The poodle bouquet made me smile!

Channon said...

Fred was Hugo. Sissy? I don't see it happening...

Anyway, I love "mum dogs." I think I might request one for Valentines Day since I can't recall the last one I had!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

The flower dog is so cute!

Marty said...

In Mazatlan, the flower vendors all have these little dog arrangements filling the many tiny shops in Old Town. Very cool.

Lynne said...

First of all, that picture did make me smile. And second, I once had a Bassett Hound. He did not make me smile very often.

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