Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little help from Pretend Friends Please..

Neighbor friend Abby has a problem with her vest. She is making the shown pattern in the shown colorway. It is called
Colorchanges. It does change colors beautifully. This is a perfect with Blue jeans colorway if you ask me.

Here's her problem. ;

If she knits two fronts they won't match. It will look, well Silly as Mayor Daley says, just silly.

My only thought was to make it a pullover and knit the top in one piece. Would she have to add some ease then to
the sides? She thinks not. I think so.

help help. You are all such smarty pants knitters!
She has to know by tomorrow when she leaves for vakay.........

im posting my usual post for the day later.....

any and all commets are welcome and appreciated!

I talk more in the comments!


Nancy said...

My suggestion is to knit the front in one piece and then use a steek. She will need to plan for a steek where the front splits into the two sides.

Disclaimer: I've never had the courage to do steeking, but it looks fairly easy.

Sarah said...

Steeking would work but if she knit the front & back together with a wee bit of ease, making arm holes where needed, should work ok.

Just my $0.02

Cheryl said...

If she's ok with having it as a pullover, then I would suggest having the front have at least the same number of stitches as the back.

If the fronts weren't planned to meet exactly or to overlap than I would probably plan on adding at least two stitches to the combined front to make up for the gap.

Walden said...

I agree with Cheryl. If the vest wasn't meant to over lap at all, a few stitches should be added in the middle, where the two fronts would come together.

Katherine said...

I don't know about a vest but I matched a pair of socks once. I did it by buying an extra skein of yarn and, since the color changes were even through the yarn, I started each sock at the same color/place on the separate skeins. Steeking is something I have never had the nerve to do but if she is a brave knitter it might work.

Grace said...

I was going to make the same suggestion as Katherine knit the two fronts together on one needle using separate balls of yarn and starting at the same color point on each But i don't knit alot of sweaters so I could be way off

Nat Red Knits said...

I'm gonna go with the extra yarn method to match, that way there isn't any change to the pattern. I do this with my socks and mitts, sometimes a bit wasteful in yarn, but I start object #2 in the exact same color place/change in the yarn so my color patterns match. Works out pretty well for me.

Lynne said...

Hmmm. I would go with a steek, which would mean adding a few inches. It could be done. Dang stripes. She's going to have the same problem at the side seams, too.

Elaine said...

Steeking is tough if you've never done it before and requires you to sew rows of stitches straight.

My advice is to knit it as a pullover. Cast on the same number as the back and that will be perfect. Since this is a v-neck essentially, if you have an even number on the back that make it that number plus 1. It will look great.

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I'd just start the second side as close to the same color as the first as much as possible and "go with the flow" after that. Tie a knot in each ball at the point you start before you even begin the 1st side. I never care if my socks match and the odd rows of color wouldn't bother me even on the front of a sweater. But that's me.

Maybe that's why I'm called the "Nut"?

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