Friday, November 06, 2009

A favorite saying of Fireman's

(Babette's is hanging over the fireplace in 3 Bags Full Knitting Studio....a beauty I say!) NOW for the post:

Fireman, when given a choice that isn't really much of a choice, will often say:

"I'd rather stick a hot fork in my eye, but thanks anyhow"

Well, I'm here to tell you that the hot fork in the eye wasn't too bad. So you can say that now too, and if anyone calls you on it. you'll survive.

(this will come around to knit content......but you have to bear with me as usual....)

So you know by now that there have been no shortage of tears this summer/fall as I miss my Huck. Well, I cried out
one pair of tear ducts tubes and realized over this weekend, I had likely cried out the second pair as well.
You see this irisheyed knitter has very light blue eyes and they are very sensitive to light and dryness.
So, the eye doctor put these tiny weeny little tubes in my tear ducts to increase my tear production and make vision
comfortable in the daylight. Well, the eye doctor confirmed I had lost the second pair too.

So, the next step is for him to put and I quote "A hot wire into your eye and burn the duct closed."

It wasn't that bad really. C'mon try having a baby, as my dear mother says to my poor father every time he has
an ailment, including quadruple bypass surgery. But, my lower lids where the ducts were treated, are super sore.

SO what does this gorey story have to do with knitting?

Well, I could let you figure it out, but I don't think my readers really want a workout here. You are nice enough
to read this blog, I won't play games!

It has to do with knitting because of course I couldn't knit yesterday even with sunglasses on in the house.

I listened to knitting talk on podcasts. This just means, that you find a radio program about knitting from a list
on your computer, and you click a button and listen to a taped show.

So I put in my artificial tear gel, leaned back on the sofa, and listened.

And you know what? I can only listen if the voice is interesting to me.

Now, I could never do a talkie blog, like Quiet Life's Donna Boucher, or a podcast
because I have the most nasal midwest CHICAGO accent you can imagine.
I couldn't listen to myself, let alone ask you to!

One of the things I loved about the movie the Informant, was the perfect Chicago
accents the actors worked.

I fell in love with Laura from JenLa's voice. If any of you know what I am talking about, good.
The rest of you, it is just an example. Stay with me here.

I fell in love with Peter Coyotes voice years and years ago.
He could read the dictionary to me and I'd listen.

Do you have a voice you love to listen to? Why?
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Nat Red Knits said...

NICE!...something about being a fireman I think...pretty gruesome if you think about it, a hot fork in the eye.
Too bad you have been knit restricted. Not too many podcasts out there that I can stand to listen to fo long.

Patt said...

Sam Elliot. He could say anything and I would melt from that voice.
Hope you feel better. That sounds scary.
As far as Chicago accents, I have lived in GA for years and still hear people say "Yankee!" but when I go home to the north side of Chicago to visit, I hear people say "Southern Bell!" I can't win!

Nancy said...

Morgan Freeman has a soothing voice, and I've listened to some awesome readers on audio books. To be pleasing to my ear, the voice has to be almost musical with a variety of tones. Too many readers have a monotone which puts me to sleep immediately.

Sorry to hear about your eyes. That eye gel is nasty stuff and makes everything blurry. I hope your doctor can solve your problem quickly.

Kathryn said...

Oh geez, I'm sorry to hear this. But now you can only be happy since tears won't fall naturally! Love you, Bouf. Hey, I'm blogging now too - Born on New Year's Day. Same company, blogger. Follow me! xxxx

Ling said...

Poor you! How are the eyes now?? I like Stephen Fry for a nice Brit accent and I can't seem to think of anyone else I like....

Katherine said...

So sorry to hear about your dear little eyes. I had no idea what they did about a tear duct problem but hot wires? That's horrible! I know what you mean about the Chicago accent. 22 years after moving to Texas people still ask me if I'm from Chicago.

Humphrey Bogart's voice always soothed my ruffled feathers.

Anonymous said...

pretend friends now pretend tears,ithought i was the only attracted to certain voices.when i hear i voice i like it,s like a moth to a flame.morgan freeman,patrick stewart,john corbot,james earl jones,alistar beg,emma thompson,are all great to hear i wish my own voice was.

Kathy said...

i have to find some of your favorite voices to listen to now! Sam Elliot.......hmmmm
stephen fry too and I know I like Emma THompsons voice. Bogey really?

I have an idea. maybe I'll give someone with a great voice a script and they can record a blogpost for me.

Im back to knitting. Eyes are less sore today. THANKS!

Turtle said...

hubby always gives me grief but...brandon frasier and mathew mcconnehay (spelling??) as well as christian slater... could listen all day!

Estella said...

Martin Sheen has a good voice for books on CD...listened to him a bit when I used to commute.

Hope your eyes are better.

Karen said...

It wasn't that bad??? You are so very brave and strong!

Zach said...

John Lee Hooker

blanket said...

This design looks too good...can I have the knitting instructions anywhere?

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