Saturday, June 06, 2009

and the winner is:

CHRIS for Iriseyes. All the suggestions had their merit! It was difficult to choose. I was soooooo close to picking Turtle's name : old bruise. She knows my strange sense of humor. But Chris, you ARE the winner and you can send me your snail mail via my emial : , please.

I was looking Dream in Color Classy for a new shawl I am knitting. I pulled a bunch out of the bin and asked someone her opinion. Her question was: are you knitting for a sophisticated woman? I said, yes in a casual way. SHe said, go with a dark color then.
I choose a deep purple.

Is that what sophisticates wear? Dark colors?

Can you be sophisticaed and wear those colors I photographed today in the yarn bin of Cotton Classic?

How can one ignore all the glory in the brights?

I'm shawl knitting again, because my arm is doing so well with simple garter. I am sticking to Dream in Color because it is so soft, and the memory in the yarn is just enough give for my arm. It sounds like I am afraid to knit again. I just want to keep feeling good.

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Congratulations Chris:)
I'm glad your doing better I love Dream In Color.Hugs Darcy

Grace said...

congratulations to Chris

I love Dream in Color classy and yes I see sophisticated women wearing lovely serene colors, purple being of regal bent.....More towards solids and less the flamboyant mixes that so many yarns are----although I love knitting with all of them

Elaine said...

Well lots of unsophisticated people wear purple too. I'm an absolute purple junkie, and, well ... I'm more 60's than sophisticated. So ... but my favorite is lots of shades of purples, blues, reds put together in interesting ways.

By the way, when I saw Iriseyes, I thought that was a brilliant name. Just brilliant - good pick!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Congrats to Chris!

To answer your question: I am stinkin'jealous. Yarn bins like that are so hard to find here in our country. But if I could choose: red and green!

blog-blethers said...

So glad that your arm is continuing to recover.

I love DIC and have 2 skeins in my stash. I'm afraid I must be really unsophisticated - I haven't knit with either yet, but drool over them as yarn ornaments!

Katherine said...

Congrats to Chris! Hope you enjoy your Iriseyes. Let us see what you knit with it.

It's good to hear that you are knitting without pain--and shawls, yippee!! The colors in the bin are my favorites. There was a time when, if you opened my closet it screamed "BLACK." No more. I think all of those colors are sophisticated!

Kathy said...


you know I'll send you anything you see on my blog that you want and cannot get there but I can get here!

kathy b

rita said...

A couple of my coworkers are extremely sophisticated dressers. They wear mostly black or neutrals, but they add scarves of bright and beautiful jewel tones, lots of red and gold, too. They've inspired me. I'll never be accused of looking sophisticated, but I've started adding brightly-colored knit scarves to my blacks!

Anonymous said...

sophisticated to be wordly not green,so cross that color off the list.otherwise with all that worldlyness under youre belt you can go forth and use youre experience to array any colors any way you chose

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