Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ten things I'm thinking

* 's angel is adorable

* Camera broken....very very concerning......

* Frogged Cat's Paw lace scarf. Just because. I got to 11 paws and decided I was bored.

*Al congratulated me on lace success, then told me if I used a smaller needle, the paws would be more outstanding.

*Started a Helix hat for the charity drive. Oh this is fun knitting. Have you ever knit any helix patterns?

*Bianca of Lansingerlan changed her blog look. I Love the new look. Better to see your knits with my dear!

*People in Chicago are nice. Politicians in Chicago tend not to be. Come see us still......we are really nice.....

*My worst knit of the year: The little vest I made and actually showed you all in January. Nice yarn, terrible knitting!

*Car knitting time today :). Off to Fireman's cycling friend's party .

and the Tenth thing I'm thinking on the blog today: My solar powered snowflakes have nothing to do with the blog, But, I have to recommend them. They come on themselves when it gets dark, no switch to flip, no fingers freezing, no burnt out bulbs. Earth friendly. As santa for some....the are sooooooooo easy and nice.
I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Timiae said...

I've heard about the solar-powered lights and really want to get some! Much easier than the regular kind. I haven't been able to find them anywhere, though.

Kathy said...


I found them at a local Best Hardware store. GOod luck!

Jennifer said...

Ooh - I have not tried anything Helix. Where's the pattern from? I'll have to go search for it on Ravelry. Sorry about your camera.

Katherine said...

*Googled the Helix hat and it is so cute.
*Sorry about the lace. I hope you will keep trying.
*Chicago politics--ya gotta love it!
*Solar powered snowflakes--I gotta see 'em!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Thank you for the compliment, my friend :-) Sorry to hear your camera has broken.


Elaine said...

We won't hold it against you that you're from the Chicago area. I'm sure there are at least a dozen honest guys there. Did you get offered a chance to bid on the senate seat? How many skeins of yarn did you offer? I hope you didn't offer any of the prize skeins. :-)

Kathy said...


You crack me up. No prize yarn offered~!

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