Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Helix hat for charity Hat drive.....

This post was brought to you by the letter A, for Al, who will be typing for me due to a arm injury!

Diane, the lurker, knitted some outstanding thrummed mittens for her daughter, but my photos of them don't do them any justice. WIll try to for better shots another time. She figured out how to thrum from an Interweave Pattern from a few years ago. She's so smart, she did it perfectly. She calls them cartoon mittens. I call them amazing. .

My helix hat might be a hit with a camo. kind of man or boy eh? I hope to finish it when my arm is better.

Are you reading the blogs out there lately? I predict The Mason Dixon tree will fall! How about you? Enter their contest~

Turtle and Bianca and I are fiercely trying to win some Alpaca yarn from the contest going on over at WiKnits link. You name the colorway and win some. Here's hoping one of us will win some! This contest is nearly keeping me up at night.

Camera issues resolved. Phew. Frugal me does not want to buy another right now.

Sweet Darcy posted about the charity hat drive on her blog. I think she gets an extra entry for that. :)

Another kind soulsent me 3 gorgeous hats for the drive that arrived yesterday. Her 93 YEAR OLD mother knit a hat for us! I tell you I nearly cry every time the hats arrive.

She thinks I should show some hats and give a hat count . I am working on a way to show the hats and give them all the glory they deserve. We have over 2 dozen hats to donate so far. Each one magnificent. People will feel very warm and proud indeed when they don these wonderknits.

hungry for comments and Christmas cookies, me!

I'll talk to you in the comments. :)


Katherine said...

I'm so glad to hear the hat drive is going well. I also think you should pile them up and take a picture for all of us to enjoy!

What did you do to your dear little arm? Hope it is better soon.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I also plugged it on my ravelry group so hopefully more will be donated:)Hugs Darcy
prayers going your way for a speedy recovery for your arm ((((Hugs )))))

Timiae said...

I'm so glad that you're getting lots of hats in! I think I'll try to get a few more sent to you after Christmas...

I was thinking about a way to showcase the hats and maybe you could make a Flickr mosaic with the photos. You might need to make a few of them to show all the hats off.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Ouch... I hope your arm will be better soon. Had to go to the doctor myself this morning. :-) Received drops for my ear, as I have an otitis externa :-) Well... there are worse things...LOL!

Ling said...

Hope the arm is better. No knitting and no typing is pretty bad - I'd be killing someone by now.

Elaine said...

Even if you can't showcase them, make a nice arrangement of them on the floor or table and stand above them and take a photo - it will give people a sense of what you've gotten so far.

Last year our family made a dozen preemie/newborn caps for a charity drive and I took a photo of them all together looking so sweet and loving.

Feel better soon. No knitting can be truly dreadful.

Emily said...

I vote that you wear them in a very tall stack on your head. Hope your arm is already better!

Nell said...

I hope the arm is better soon!

Israel Charity said...

hopefully more will be donated

gaylen said...

I missed that you hurt your arm somehow - hope it's better soon. Wish I had time to send a hat or two (maybe next year). g

Nat Red Knits said...

A booboo on the arm sucks...I feel for ya..
How exciting to have so many hats sent. I love it.

I understand wanting to cry when the hats come from the 93 year old momma. Bless her heart. It is like having a piece of heritage cpme your way.

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